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Do lush, life-filled ideas just erupt from lifeless vines? Or are they gifts from beyond - from our soul?
Do lush, life-filled ideas just erupt from lifeless vines? Or are they gifts from beyond – from our soul?

How are you creative? Some people apply known principles in new ways to create a new result. Other people generate original ideas that revolutionize our thinking in a specific area; they aren’t merely creative, they’re innovative visionaries. We know who they are – the Albert Einsteins, Niels Bohrs, NikolaTeslas, and Steve Jobs of the world. How do we move from ordinary creative types to an absolutely extraordinary creative type? Amit Goswami addresses this process in Quantum Creativity: Think Quantum, Be Creative.(Available at Amazon, here.) 

Goswami attributes brilliant creativity to aligning with your soul and bringing in a higher order of inspiration and knowledge from it. I’ve studied a lot of metaphysics, have meditated away a fair part of the past ten years, and what he says makes sense to me. He’s a nuclear physicist, and to bring forward this belief, even with anecdotal and scientific evidence to support it, is professionally risky. I admire his desire to publicly stand with his beliefs.31dc08ce02d7490fbffe6230d3083f8a

He incorporated points of view from several religious doctrines, with some emphasis on Hindu beliefs. That’s not uncommon in this type of text, because the Hindus have been prolific writers on the art of getting outside our ego-minds and joining with the higher, non-local parts of our minds. In my own spiritual practice, I am acquainted with that place where I am bathed in the light and communing with my soul. There is no real thinking there, but when I leave, I am inspired, refreshed, and reinvigorated. I often return with solutions to problems or information I need to handle a situation better. I think Goswami is on to something.

If you wanted a step-by-step handbook to become more creative, this isn’t the right book for you. If you’re into metaphysics, you may enjoy Goswami’s treatment of something that you intuitively know but may not have thought about. If you are interested in creativity in the context of spirituality, your outlook may change completely.

As a member of Hay House Publishing’s blogging community, I requested a free copy of this book, because it interested me. In return, I agreed to provide my candid opinion in a review on my blog. I was not paid for the review, and it reflects my personal opinion only.



  1. Thank you for the review. I’ve been an admirer of Amit Goswami since discovering him on ‘What the Bleep…’ and have always found his blend of metaphysics and physics very inspiring. I’ll certainly take a look at this book.


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