mountains, sunset, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Juicing the Universe

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Near Steamboat Springs, Colorado - before the massive snowfall
Near Steamboat Springs, Colorado – before the massive snowfall

Sometimes we get what we asked for. Recently a bit of wisdom came my way through a client that if I wanted something, I had to take action. It didn’t really matter whether it was the right action or not. If it was the wrong action, the universe would correct her, and she’d change to a more appropriate direction. If the action was appropriate to begin with, the universe would support her. But non-action would never get her where she wanted to go. I realized that sitting at home, wishing, wanting, and planning weren’t going to get me any closer to where I wanted to be. I had to act.

Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado
Rabbit Ears Pass, Colorado

I think of this as “juicing the universe.” If I have a goal, taking action tells the universe that I’m serious. It’s like putting my money where my mouth is. And sometimes, when I take action, I give things away! I have a very small business doing energy work and past life regressions. I decided that I wanted to grow my business, so I gave away a few free sessions. And I’ve been working as much as I have time to do ever since. I can’t believe that I haven’t blogged in a month! I’ve been working my day job, growing my business, taking a class, or recuperating. The complexity of my life has increased, but so has my satisfaction.

I got what I asked for as soon as I took just a little action. I set my intentions, pushed my will into it and took a few simple actions. I juiced the universe and it answered affirmatively!

Sunset over Colorado mountains
Sunset over Colorado mountains

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