Time, Distance, and Shielding

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sunset, mountains
Distance. Far away mountains at sunset
Time. This redwood tree has had over a thousand years to leave toxins behind.

When protecting yourself from radiation, experts recommend that you engage three factors: time, distance, and shielding. To reduce exposure to radiation, you can wait to enter a contaminated area (maybe years), put distance between you and the contamination, and shield yourself. Depending upon the type of radiation, the shielding can be as insubstantial as paper or need to be as dense as lead.

It’s this way with toxic people too. Some relationships only lose toxicity after time has healed us. Many times, the best action is to put physical distance between us and the toxic person or situation. In some cases, we can shield ourselves from their nasty words, actions, and judgments by shielding our hearts. In many cases, only a combination of all three can help you cope. With love, perhaps you can also heal.

Shielding. A wall of logs.


  1. Sometimes the only option is to distance yourself from someone, but other people can be hurtful in judging that decision without knowing the reasons for it.

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    1. Yes, it’s true. Sometimes you just have to do what you must in order to take care of yourself. Luckily, I have very few toxic people in my life now — if any. There was a time when it was different. My husband had a professional colleague that was quite toxic. With a job change, our lives have gotten so much more enjoyable!


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