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barn owl
I met this barn owl ambassador at an event held by a local raptor group. I just wanted to share his wonderful good looks! Too injured to live in the wild, he nonetheless educates us on what raptors need to survive. This bird had no personal message for me – just one for all the human race.

I never thought of myself as a bird person until recent years. I’m too nearsighted to see little songbirds, but I enjoy the large birds we see around here. There are migratory waterfowl such as ducks, geese, great blue herons, and white pelicans, and we have raptors here year-round: bald eagles, owls, and many types of hawks. I’ve gained more appreciation for them through the years, particularly now that I have them in my home. We got our first parrot about ten years ago, and now we have four. They have a different attitude than our other pets. With the insight they give me into the bird world, so I enjoy and notice birds more.

horned owl
From what I see of his silhouette, the owl that I saw on my walk was a horned owl, like this one that I photographed at a raptor event. you can see the jesses on his legs, so he obviously is no longer fully wild.

As I walked my dog in the park near our house a few days ago, I heard an owl call. As I neared the source of the call, I spotted the owl’s silhouette above us. He called several times, and once he had my full attention, he flew away. Sorry, no pictures yet again! It was dusk and too dark for photos. As in my last post, Wild Messages, I wondered what message he had for me during this encounter. His presence seemed meaningful in an unexpected way. Although I’ve walked the trail during the evening and full dark, I only see him at dusk.

horned owl
The horned owl’s silhouette is very distinctive because of the feathers that look like ears. The owl I heard was one like this, only younger, I think.

I look at my life, and I am in a similar transition. The first half of my life is fading away and with my youngest child beginning college, I am entering the second half. I am at that point of transition, where I am changing, still a bit of a mom, but becoming more of an individual. I am evolving. Perhaps the owl is just pointing out that there are many transitions in our lives, and this one brings a whole new world. After all, owls don’t come out during the daylight; they are creatures of the night. What will I find during this second half is nothing I could have discovered in the first? For just this little while, I span both worlds.

Wispy clouds resemble a bird with wings stretched up and behind his body.

In keeping with the bird theme, I saw a bird cloud a few weeks ago! I’m not sure its meaning; perhaps it was just a statement of encouragement and acknowledgment. Sorry for the poor-quality iPhone picture. I had to use what was with me!

I spotted a bird cloud last year, too. I guess I have birds on my mind a lot. See it with the beak pointing to the left, wings behind.


  1. I can’t see the bird cloud on the last pic 😦

    That horned owl look a bit like eagle than owl…very handsome.
    I rarely see wild bird when I went hiking. The only time I saw bird was in Mount Slamet, a Java Eagle soaring up above. Other than that, never 😦

    You’re so lucky to spot one.


  2. Good thoughts. Would be interesting to know what the Native American Indians think the appearance of an owl means. I am sure they have a thought on that. I think it is a good sign.

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