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Sometimes when we see an animal, it’s just because we live near nature. At other times, it is a message from the Universe. I was present for two messages recently and I wanted to share them.

These were not the wedding deer, but a beautiful group I met a few years ago who were happy to pose.

I officiated a wedding in a beautiful, picturesque setting at an exclusive golf course. We were outside in a semi-secluded beside the clubhouse, but there was golfing activity all around us. And yet, in the rough behind the wedding, two does and three fawns frolicked through the last 15 minutes of the wedding. The bride, groom, and I were wholly focused on what we were doing and didn’t know they were there, of course, but I think some of the guests were a bit distracted by the deer.

Another deer I’ve met on my travels

In this context, the deer’s traditional meaning of gentleness and tender nature epitomized the bride as well as her confident assertiveness and subtle, vulnerable power. All are meanings of the deer, according to Steven Farmer’s Power Animals. Deer are also said to symbolize a highly sensitive and intuitive person that is often aware of the feelings of others before the other person is. They can move with intention, awareness, and speed; they can change directions quickly while staying completely centered (Steven Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides). There can mean there will be a new innocence and freshness about to be awakened (Ted Andrews’ Animal Speak), which would apply to both the bride and groom. Most of all, I thought that the fawns were a great display of fertility — what an auspicious sign for a wedding! The bride and groom didn’t think this was quite as amusing as I did!

This deer seems to epitomize its delicate nature and strength all at once.

A few days later, I was walking my dog on a local trail that is a favorite for human and canine walks and bicycling. An owl crossed the path in front of us and perched in a nearby tree! I don’t spot owls very often and was surprised. Hawks and eagles are everywhere here, but owls are much harder to spot. It looked like a young great horned owl, but I’m not an expert. He sat overseeing us as we stopped to watch until a skateboarder scared him away. I’m sorry, it was too dark to get a photo, so I’ve inserted some owl pictures I’ve gathered at other times and places.

horned owl
It was too dark to take a picture of the owl on my walk the other day, but this beautiful horned owl allowed me to photograph him at a local raptor event.

I checked up on the meaning of owl sightings, and my dog and I are arguing about whether the sign was for him, me or both (LOL)! According to Andrews (Animal Speak), great horned owls are formidable and adapt to constantly changing environments. One who works with Owl medicine is said to be insightful, able to see what is hidden and hear what is unsaid.  She is hard to deceive about motives or actions, thus making others uncomfortable; she can see into the darkness of other’s souls. Farmer goes even further in Animal Spirit Guides, saying that if the owl is your power animal, you have a finely tuned awareness and sensitivity to others and able to discern the truth behind any falsehoods. In Power Animals, Farmer says that for those with Owl as their power animal, they have a great deal of wisdom but may not always accept it. Their gift is usually “soul wisdom” rather than intellectual knowledge. They have acute sensitivity coupled with compassion; their presence is healing to those you are associated with. I’m pondering these words in my heart and trying to decide why this message came to me and what the universe is trying to say. Or was this just a lucky sighting? Or did I need a reminder that my dog really special?

This youngster wasn’t as eager to be photographed, but it is a wild owl, so I felt lucky to get this close!

The message seemed to encompass both my vocation and avocation and gave me some deep thinking about where I am in my path right now. Perhaps I need a reminder of what I can do, and what I am meant to use it for.





  1. I often get messages from animals who stop me in my tracks by their presence. I love that you have the inner knowledge to understand the spiritual meanings of their presence. What a blessing! ♥

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  2. Did you notice the deer antlers were in velvet? Lovely. Great pictures. I loved the owl picture tucked in the tree
    branches. The adult deer was actually hiding in the brush. Not a food spot. Interesting that it chose to hide rather than leave. Perhaps it was enjoying the wedding.

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    1. These were not the actual deer at the wedding – I was too busy to take pictures and they left afterwards. These are other deer that posed nicely for me at other times.


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