sunset in the mountains

When Past and Present Collide

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Sunset in cloudsI was quite sad this afternoon and wondered where all this emotion was coming from. I recalled a poem that I read probably 30 years ago, but it called to me so clearly, that I have never forgotten.

 I know you thought I cried too long.

It’s just that sometimes

When I cry

I go back and loose everything

I ever lost … again.

I cry for all my dead dogs

It isn’t you.

It’s just my beginnings

Crashing into my endings.

From “Split Ends” by Merrit Malloy in My Song for Him Who Never Sang to Me

 As I swallowed yet another disappointment in a valued relationship today, I realized that I was crying not just for this one, but for all the others that had taken place. The poem describes this type of grief, which seems cumulative. At this time of year, I occasionally get triggered by the fear that it will be like the many Christmases where I made sure that everyone got something they wanted and felt loved- but no one thought that I might want that too. I try hard not to expect anything so that the holidays won’t be so disappointing. There have been so many years when my needs weren’t met, but it always seemed like everyone else got what they needed.

winter sunsetI wondered if this is why my husband is sometimes so remote during the holidays. Perhaps it’s  his past crashing into this reality, whispering that past disappointments will be his future, too. In those moments, he may be unable to recall all the good years that scoffed in the face of his childhood. Because when we are crying for all our dead dogs, we are immersed in loss and cannot touch the loyal dogs beside us.

sunset in the mountains


      1. No, I don’t celebrate Christmas 🙂 I am a Muslim, I celebrate Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.

        Although I miss travelling during end of year holiday but I do enjoy everyday with my son because he will be in the daycare soon

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  1. Everything has its time. It is because of our love that we pray sometimes never end. But, they do. That always hurts. Eventually, we learn something from the pain as well as from the love, we pull up our big girl panties and forge onward through the fog. The optimist believes that the sun will always shine again. And it will. I am sending you hugs via the Universe!


    1. It isn’t grief so much as it is disappointment. And yes, that is part of the human condition, too. But when it hits a certain level, it can trigger similar disappointments from the past, as well. I will feel things so deeply. Things are better now, and I’ve returned to equilibrium. Thanks for the hugs!


    1. I’m glad it speaks to you, too. When grief hits, it brings all our past abandonments with it. I’m sorry to hear your friendship is ending, but there is an ebb and flow to all things. This may be the natural denouement that is in the flow. But still, it hurts. Sending you good wishes.

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