Peaceful Christmas

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dove ornament
These bird ornaments with real feathers are highly prized by our cats; we don’t have very many left!

As a child, my favorite Christmas ornaments were birds. For some reason, I thought that birds belonged in trees and they were the perfect décor for a Christmas tree.

As an adult, my tree sports keepsake ornaments from my husband’s family and a few gifts, but otherwise, our ornaments are animals and, yes, birds.

white owl ornament

I have long tried to make peace with the Christmas season. (See previous posts: Ready or not, here it comes, When Past and Present Collide, Generosity of Spirit, and Struggling with the Holidays) This year, I have been more successful. My husband and I saw no need to over-spend, now that our children are adults. 

hand-made angel ornament
My husband’s sister, Mary, gave us this angel ornament she thoughtfully made from their grandmother’s handkerchief. We keep it high up on the tree so the cats don’t play with it.

I’m not serving a big holiday dinner; I’m still tired of cooking from Thanksgiving. We’re having snacks while playing family games –a gift of time we share with each other.

blown-glass ornament
One of my favorite ornaments is this hand-blown glass ball given to me by my friend, Michelle. Her husband, Larry, crafted it himself.

By releasing all the self-imposed pressures, I have been less resentful of the holiday and able to enjoy it more fully. It’s Mystic’s first Christmas, and we have enjoyed her engagement with the tree – along with the other dogs and Nami, of course.

cat and Christmas ornament
Mystic contemplates the ornaments while laying under the tree. She hasn’t tried to climb it at all, demonstrating that she can be a little angel!

It’s a more peaceful and enjoyable Christmas for us this year. I wish the same for all of you, too.

dog poop Christmas ornament
Well, dog poop animal-related, right? And we have a sense of humor, after all.


  1. WEll dun Mystic kitty girl…mee wuud have bin upss THE tree inn no time flat…
    An Miss Karel you are so ZEN an that iss guud. LadyMew gotted a bit stressed out. Then shee took a deep breathe inn an shee enjoyed her day at THE Farm!!
    Wishin you an efurryoen there a Happy Mew Yeer.
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. Thank you. My mother thinks my tree is ridiculous, but I like it. We have very different tastes. And it is fun to be generous with the dogs and cats; they love whatever we get them. The kids, well, are much harder. Lol

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  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I love your tree decorations, especially the owls. Don’t know how you found those! I think you have hit on the perfect way to spend Christmas day. Togetherness.


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