tundra, Rocky Mountain National Park, peaks

Rocky Mountain Rescue Group #WATWB

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Rocky Mountain National Park
Rocky Mountain National Park

People are attracted to Colorado by its wild nature. Winter brings ski and avalanche hazards; warm months bring raging rivers, rock climbing, mountaineering, and wilderness hiking. It isn’t hard to get in over your head, accidentally a slip, threaten a bear, or make a mistake that turns your adventure into a life-threatening situation. Thank goodness the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group is able to handle whatever situation comes up. It takes bravery, skill, teamwork, a level head, and extreme dedication. But you can’t hire these rescuers, they are volunteers, just there to help out. This article from Westword Magazine tells it all:

tundra, Rocky Mountain National Park, peaks
Rocky Mountain National Park – tundra in the foreground and mountain peaks in the background.


Welcome to the We Are the World bloghop, bringing news that goes Beyond religion and politics, into the core of humanity to demonstrate love, humanity, and brotherhood. Wanting to feed the world and stop wasting our natural resources sounds like a wonderful way to support humanity. Want to join us? Check out the Linky Tools. Tired of all the political ranting? Look for #WATWB for more stories with a positive message.

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  1. Volunteers have saved the lives of so many in mountainous environments. People don’t always realise how quickly the weather can change, or how easy it is to get lost.

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