unripe grapes, immature grapes, green grapes

Making Synchronicities

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Stars and Energy
Ask the universe! (photo courtesy of NASA)

When I’m working on a new project or effecting a change in my world, at first, I can feel overwhelmed and alone with it. But I remember that the Universe conspires to help those who are working on their divine path, and because I’m my own change agent, I look for ways to get change going. I’ve always heard that “God helps those who helps themselves,” and I see how my actions help bring about the synchronicities that will help me. Through experience, I’ve found several activities that support my projects.

grape leaf
This leaf bud will become a large grape leaf. The vine looks dead, but it supports all the life in the plant.

Even when I don’t know what I’m doing, it always helps to take action. At first, I would be paralyzed that I’ll make the wrong decision, but I shouldn’t. If I take a “wrong” action, the universe will correct me, and it will guide me in a more appropriate direction. If the action was appropriate, the universe will support me. Non-action turns my goal into a dream; to make things happen, I must exert my will.

grape vine tendril
This grape vine tendril keeps recalculating it’s course, and no matter where it first starts, it always ends up anchoring the new growth. It has no eyes, but it always finds the support it needs.

If my idea is still in its infancy, I might read a book or take a class to hone my skills that support it. I might talk to people who are experienced in the field and hear about their experiences. Although unrelated to my project, I might put in place some of the supports I will need when business is booming. I often find an app to help me (it’s amazing what’s out there!), or I might focus on something that’s related. For example, if I’ve decided that I will change my family life by preparing a home-cooked meal every day after work, I’ll review options I’m aware of. I’d look at meal planning apps, menu services, a service sending boxed meal ingredients to my home, or the nearby commercial kitchen that sells space and ingredients to prep a month of meals in one afternoon. Whether I choose one of these solutions or not, I’m exerting my will as I examine them, and the universe responds with more ideas and synchronicities. With each step, I tell the Universe that I’m serious about change.

unripe grapes, immature grapes, green grapes
While these little grapes mature, it’s my job to support the endeavor other ways. I can keep the idea in motion by supporting it other ways, while waiting for the work to mature.

If I have a new service to offer in my business, I give away a few sessions to valued clients or friends of friends. This sends out the energy that I’m serious about it, and everything seems to grow because I’m juicing the universe! I gain valuable confidence, and they may refer me to others. I focus on gratitude for my steady clients and infusing my will into building the new service. With each step, I’m exerting my will and telling the universe my intent.

If I think about things — but don’t act – I’m just daydreaming. I’m good at that too, but without any energy behind them, those projects remain in the dream zone. When I set my intentions, push my will into it, and take a few actions, things change. When I juice the universe, it supports me!

unripe grapes, immature grapes, green grapes
Still not done! Time for me to do other things, because some parts of the project can’t be rushed.

This article first appeared in Sibyl Magazine, July 2017 issue.


  1. The will to achieve is called motivation. Self motivation is a good character trait. Your thought process is good. Question: Do you ever reach satisfaction? Should you? What is it like? How long does it last? I think some goal satisfaction along the way is what feeds that motivation to set new goals and keep on trucking. Life can be a series of goals. Sometime, give us your thoughts about satisfaction. And, what do we do with failure? Food for thought.

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    1. I was thinking a bit more energetically, but I can see that this piece has resonated with you in a different way. I’m glad it has stimulated your thoughts on your own goals and satisfaction. Stay motivated!


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