What is Your Filter?

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dandelion fluff
What do you see; a weed or a wish?

What you see is interpreted through the filter of who you are. I sometimes see how differently I perceive the world when I go to a meeting and “hear” different things than the others do. Not that either is wrong, but we focus on different things based on our context and prior experience with the participants.

Recently, there was an incident when I saw more than the other person. Why? Because I saw what spoke to me, not what spoke to the other. What would you see in this situation?

When you look at this honeysuckle blossom, do you see a weed, a flower, or an herb?

At a stoplight, my husband and I looked to the right and saw a gentleman with white hair and a white mustache, wearing a leather jacket and backpack, on a nicely painted motorcycle.

My husband said that he looked like a laborer without a cent because that motorcycle was old and was a model without any shocks. He was incredulous that the gentleman would ride it for very far because it would be pretty uncomfortable. He wrote him off as someone who was too poor to buy a proper vehicle.

cactus flower, cactus
Do you focus on the blossom or the thorns?

I looked at the gentleman and called him “sexy grandpa.” My husband was surprised. What? Why? Because I saw that the rider was clean, his mustache neat. The motorcycle had an impressive paint job; the rider clearly prized what is apparently a restored antique. No shocks? It’s still good looking. The seat wouldn’t accommodate a rider, so his date would never know. My husband laughed and asked me why I thought he had a date. I thought it was obvious. His backpack was just big enough for a bottle of wine, cheese, fruit, and a baguette of fresh bread. Why did I think that? Because the baguette peaked out the top of his backpack. He had a glint in his eye, and I suspect he was on his way to a meet a woman.

My husband saw a bike; I saw a man in love. Wow! Maybe it’s just because I now more about people than motorcycles. Maybe I pay more attention to different details. Or just maybe, it’s because I value love and look for it in my life.

Rocky Mountain National Park, RMNP, Rocky Mountains
Do you focus on the snow, mountains, valley, clouds, or fence? Where do your eyes and thoughts go first?


  1. Great pictures. I saw: a flower pretending to be a snowball. A flower reaching for the sunshine.
    The flower, always a little good in the thorns. and the mountains, a little sunshine and a little shadow.
    Great pictures to illustrate that enjoying life is a matter of perspective. Good job.

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  2. I laughed… Sounds like my husband and myself when we talk about birds. Ages ago, he would see a ‘flying thing with feathers’ and it was a bird. I’d see a bird and know what kind it was and then go log the sighting into a bird tracking APP. LOL We both had the same experience but got different things from it. – After 6 years at home retired, he knows what some of the birds are, and tells me about them. Life does change and we grow… 🙂 Thankfully!

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