Aspen Alley, Wyoming

Wyoming Respite

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Snowy range; Medicine Bow Mountains
Snowy range of Medicine Bow Mountains

My husband and I recently took a long weekend and to camp in Wyoming. We live in a city and just wanted to go someplace more isolated and restive. As introverts, we crave quiet and, well, not people. Wyoming has beautiful scenery and pastoral countryside. Everyone has heard of Yellowstone, but we were in the opposite corner of the state. Yellowstone is beautiful, but too far from home for a weekend trip.

Snowy range, Wyoming
Snowy Range, up close

Snowy range south end CWWe took our dogs with us, arranging for a pet sitter for our cats and birds. We found a shady campground among a mixed forest; there was a slight breeze and the weather was perfect in Medicine Bow National Park. When we first set up our camp my husband saw a red fox trotting through our campground. Antelope were plentiful in the open fields and sagebrush.

Aspen trees, Wyoming, meadow
Aspen trees in the distance.
Big Sandy Creek, Wyoming, creek
The trees are already turning gold here on Big Sandy Creek.

In many prime camping spots, I saw campers and horse trailers. I was so impressed to think of the rough-looking men camping with their horses. I thought of them riding their horses in the early morning, feeling at one with the world, in a riding meditation. How idyllic! When I mentioned this, my husband snorted. It was hunting season and the horses were there to pack out the carcasses of the animals they killed. I’m so naïve (*headslap*).

The aspens are already changing color, and the afternoon shower, seen in the distance, cooled things down.
Wyoming meadow
While some of the areas are tired and ready for winter, this little meadow was still green. You can see why the sheep and cattle grow well here; there’s rich natural grass.

As I prepared dinner our first evening, I felt so peaceful and, well, happy. Everything feels better when we suspend our usual life and walk in nature. It seems that nature cleanses our souls and energizes us in a fresh and contented way. It helps us remember who we really are and that we are connected to everything around us. I could feel that we were not alone, but the animals in the woods around us didn’t bother me. I felt safe and contented. The next morning, I heard a large animal walking and snuffling through our campground, probably a moose, from the fresh scat I saw. I went back to sleep – it was way too early for me – secure in knowing that our presence didn’t disrupt the wildlife.

willow bushes
These willow bushes are a favorite of moose. You can just barely glimpse the rocks at the edge of the creek between the willow bushes.

My husband I headed home emotionally balanced and settled. Our dogs went home tired and satisfied. I have gratitude for the planet, the wildlife, the national park system, and the wildlife around us. We are so lucky to have such beauty available to us.

Aspen Alley, Wyoming
We first visited Aspen Alley about 15 years ago when it was in its prime. Now, some of the trees are aging and others are gone. Aspens only live about 15-20 years, but they sure are beautiful, happy trees!



  1. Karel, what I always loved about aspen trees is that their leaves are like gypsy bangles. They dance.
    The fence across that pasture in that fourth picture is like the fences that were around my parents homestead in North Park Colorado in 1933. Those fences are beautiful and animal friendly I am thankful that you can find such rest in nature. Your photography continues to be outstanding. What a lovely gift to have.

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  2. WOW, Carol!! I love every word and every photo on your blog, that I’ve seen so far. You are a class act photojournalist. Love your page layout as well! Surely, you are using a real camera, right? I cannot imagine any Android or Apple phone taking those photos. I still feel inept about how to “Like” or leave a comment on your page. Do I register with the username and password that I use for my own WordPress account???

    Love who you are, and what you do!!! Thank you!!


    On Tue, Sep 26, 2017 at 4:21 AM, Peace With My Life wrote:

    > KDKH posted: ” My husband and I recently took a long weekend and to camp > in Wyoming. We live in a city and just wanted to go someplace more isolated > and restive. As introverts, we crave quiet and, well, not people. Wyoming > has beautiful scenery and pastoral countrysid” >

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    1. Jane, thanks for your feedback. I do have a 35mm camera and try to avoid the camera phone pics, but occasionally I use them if that’s all I had with me at the time. And the ID you use for your blog IDs you, so I could tell it was you! Thank you, again.


  3. The landscape looks incredible. I too need to escape people and find one of the best ways is to get out into the wilderness, hiking and camping. I’m so pleased you came back refreshed and recharged.

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  4. Love this post! Love the photos and I’m happy you got to get away. By the way, slap my head too because I was all about a morning horseback ride and not what your husband said. Guess I’m naive too! 🙂

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    1. I would love to take my horses camping if I had any! So I was all “how cool!” Glad to know I’m not the only one who thought that would be idyllic. I almost wish he’d let me have my fantasy, but I don’t like to lie to myself.


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