I just love to hear about people doing the right thing! #WATWB

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I’m frequently getting politics overload, so I go looking for news unrelated to politics; sometimes it’s harder to find than at other times. I found several stories to today that I’d like to share as part of this blog hop. The whole idea is to remember that there is more in the world than scandal, negativity, and self-interest.

Here, a young man found a wallet and cash and returned it to the owner’s home. The occupants was unwilling to open the door for a stranger, so she had to use the security surveillance to figure out who to thank. This was an every-day act of kindness – we all could have been this teen or this owner.

Rocky Mountains; view from Mt. Evans, Colorado
Getting lost in Colorado can be complicated. The terrain and weather can be a challenge.

In a story close to home, a family’s dog took a field trip with another dog and was lost. There was an unsuccessful search for weeks. A woman who knew nothing of the lost dog  heard that hikers reported hearing a dog up a nearby mountain and knew that she was determined to  help.  She and a friend hiked up the mountain to search for the source of the mysterious barking. It wasn’t a good place for any dog, much less the elderly lab the whole town had given up searching for. This makes me feel good for the dog, her owners, and the hikers. The poor dog looks like it was rough, but she made it home!

I hesitated to post this, because it involves a company, not an individual. But I was looking for articles of humanitarian aid from non-government groups to Puerto Rico. I had a hard time finding much, and that hurts. Royal Caribbean, however is donating one of its ships to take supplies and evacuate people. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Stepping up and helping out.

Beach sunset

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  1. Great stories, all three. The teenage boy can always be proud of doing the right thing. The hikers may have saved the dogs life. Royal Caribbean is almost certainly going to save lives.

    Why I suspect you were unable to find more individual stories on Puerto Rico: I imagine that they will emerge once the communities are recovering from this disaster. Since they are still in the middle of dealing with it, the stories are likely still happening and not yet being told.

    Thanks for sharing these, KDKH.

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  2. Hi KDKH – yes finding things and wanting to return them … those two are lovely to know about – the wallet and the dog … while the Royal Caribbean going out to Puerto Rico is good news … they need all the help they can get – cheers Hilary

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    1. Two small individual acts warm the heart. The cruise ship was a total surprise to me and a relief for many. PR needs so much more, but relief appears to be slow from the private sector.


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