Here’s Someone Who Lives Her Values #WATWB

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Most businesses focus on gaining market share, customer base, and profits. Denver’s Brewability Lab is different; it hires persons with disabilities in a sincere effort to integrate them into the community. The owner, Tiffany Fixter, had previously conducted a day program for adults with developmental disabilities, so she understood the needs of that aspect of the community. She has developed a business where groups of people who would not ordinarily meet can mix in a safe setting. As a result, both the staff and the customers have broadened their horizons. We need more businesses like this where the social benefits are more than an afterthought. This is where a business owner lives her values, and you can’t beat that. Read all about it here in this brief article by the Denver Post.

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  1. That is simply amazing! It must have changed so many lives since it began – of not just the ones working there, but also the ones visiting. People with disabilities need to be included in society to help them live fuller, contented lives.

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  2. Oh, this is terrific! I love that there are SO many ways provided for everyone to work there: color-coding the beers, pictures, Braille, and more. She’s definitely not trying to fit everyone into the same mold.

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