Brewed on the Spectrum #WATWB

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coffeeMany people on the autism spectrum find it difficult to find employment, even if they have much to offer. Dirt Coffee Bar in Littleton, Colorado is dedicated to changing that. They have employed people on the autism spectrum or with related disabilities at their coffee truck since 2013. The coffee bar provides a service to the community and the servers find a place of belonging in their community – a win/win. This spring, Dirt Coffee Bar is expanding to a physical store with a fixed location. You may visit the Dirt Coffee Bar at its website  and read about the spring expansion into a permanent location!


iced teaI have blogged previously about Denver’s Brewability Lab which hires persons with disabilities at its Denver brewery and bar. It looks like Denver is ready to provide support to an often overlooked segment of its population. They are onto something!

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  1. Exciting! Forward thinking is just a blessing to the world. When educators and corporations make Square box systems, a whole avenue of people are excluded. A world where more thinking like this exists, is what I want. 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

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    1. To have a job is to have more freedom and purpose. I am so impressed that some people are beginning to address those who think differently so that they may participate in life and community too. Inclusiveness after high school is a wonderful idea!


  2. Hi Karel – it’s so good to see organisations giving people with ‘challenges’ opportunities to join in the work force and get out and about a bit – it certainly must open the doors to others for further ideas and developmental changes … thanks so much for sharing with us – Hilary

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