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My 6th Blogiversary

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What’s going on? A blogiversary? Oh boy!

Last week I celebrated my sixth blogiversary (blogging anniversary). I began blogging because I had several unrelated people tell me they thought I should. Me? Why? I was surprised and confused, and thought about it for a year before taking the plunge. I couldn’t imagine that I could think of very many things to say, yet there are far more posts that I’ve written in my head than made it to the blog. With a family, full-time job, and part-time business, I didn’t always have the time to post my thoughts or photos.

gees and goslings
Look kiddos, that lady is having a blogiversary!

What I never expected was the connections, relationships, and friends that I would make in the WordPress community. I still miss some of my early friends who dropped out of blogging without explanation. Maybe they thought no one would notice, but I did. I didn’t think I’d miss these people, but I did. The contact was so frequent that the relationship could not be discounted. We were vulnerable with each other. The anonymity of the internet helped us to open up and say things from the heart because we would not be judged. It helped us to connect with people with similar views and interests. The only barrier was language.

mountain goat

This medium is perfect for introverts, which is a bonus. As introverts, we often prefer to talk one-on-one. Even though our blogs are published for the world to read, they are written and read alone. We have time to think things through and phrase our words carefully. I feel more comfortable there than I do in a phone conversation.

mountain goat
I’m too shy to say congratulations, so I’m just going to watch and enjoy. The internet makes that easy!

A few bloggers have become in-person friends. I cherish those few who have been brave enough to meet me in person, and I thank them for taking a chance on me. They don’t really understand why I like their blog so much, and I’m not sure why they like mine, but it doesn’t matter. There is always some quality about these people that strike me as genuine and unpretentious. They aren’t blogging to make it big; they blog because they care about their subject. I respect their need to communicate their love and enthusiasm for something close to them. More and more, the blogs I follow are related to someone’s love for animals or nature. These strike a deep resonant chord with me, as that is where I feel most at ease.

bull snake in a tree
I’ve got to get a look at this blog!

Thank you for sharing your blogs with me, and I hope that we can continue this long-distance relationship. I keep blogging because it feeds my desire to be creative the only way I can, through my writing and photos. Thank you for making this trip with me.

bull snake in a tree
I had to come back to look at this blog!


  1. Happy 6th Blogaversary! Congrats on brightening our worlds for 6 years and cheers to many more! I am grateful we have connected as you have brought light, love and understanding to my world by your presence and kindness. Keep up the great work! ♥

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    1. Your constant cheeriness is a wonder to me. When life is hard, I feel all my emotions and can’t show just the good ones. You have been an inspiration to me all these years!


      1. Aww…I’m honored. You have been an inspiration to me as well Karel. Innately I’m a glass 1/2 full gal, but I have had plenty of hard times in my life. I just somehow wake up every morning with a smile. It’s just my nature. xo

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        1. I grew up in rattlesnake country, so I get that. It is nice to live in Colorado, where a lot of the snakes are not poisonous. What a concept! This snake did not startle me; she was pointed out by some other hikers and I was entranced. Fear is healthy in some circumstances (rattlers, boa constrictors on the loose, etc.) so I’m not judging you there. I was just lucky on this one.

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  2. Congratulations! A great blog. It is always wonderful to find the right outlet for our emotional energy. Loved the pictures but really, the snake!
    I would have run. I can’t believe you hung around to take pictures of it.
    Of course, I think all snakes are rattlers whether or not they are. Your courage is impressive.

    Keep up the great pictures and the blog.

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    1. You are so sweet! You probably didn’t know that I would love to visit New Zealand. It seems like an introvert’s paradise and so beautiful! I would love To take you up on that someday!

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  3. Happy blogaversary! I haven’t been following long, but have enjoyed reading your posts. When I look at how many followers I have, I wonder where they are. No likes, no comments from so many. Guess it is like others said, just trying to increase their own numbers. I have also felt a huge sense of community among both WordPress and Blogspot users, and it has enriched this introvert’s life. 🙂 I really don’t know what I would have done without everyone when I lost my heartdog, Lexi.

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    1. Congratulations to you, too! I have noticed that Kyla seemed to enjoy blogging more. I have and love parrots, but I can’t allow them to comment on my blog! They are so sharp-witted! I miss Kyla a lot; she had a nice touch on your blog. I like seeing the parrot community represented on your blog, though, too. Keep up the good work!


  4. Happy Blogiversary for last week (and a great series of images i might add).

    Blogging is a great medium to talk and be heard without worrying about what people will say and if, or how, they might judge you. After all if you don’t like what they say, you can just delete the comment without any face-to-face confrontation.

    But if you have the bad luck to have a Troll invade your space, apparently it can turn quite nasty. I’ve never had one. I also get people who briefly comment with the obvious purpose of spreading/advertising their own blogs or online businesses as far as possible. While I welcome their comment in most cases, I usually edit their comment to exclude their attempt at free publicity and/or advertising some commercial product.

    I’ve always been lucky enough to find genuine people who clearly love nature in all its forms and for that I’m eternally grateful. I think nature lovers, in general, are good kind sensitive people who genuinely care for the environment and the flora and fauna that inhabits it.

    Apparently most bloggers last about 3 years and then their interest dies off and they move onto other social networks. None of my local friends or family follow my blog which I find kind of weird and a little sad. I’ve been blogging for about 8-9 years but deleted my first blog when it got too big and became tedious to answer every comment. I just don’t have the energy or time to read them all despite the fact that I’m retired from full-time work.

    Personally I used to follow about 140 blogs (including writing ones) but had to cut the list down dramatically when my chronic ill health and eyesight got much worse and I daresay some people might have been offended, or bewildered at the absence when I un-followed them, but there comes a time when you’ve got to make some hard decisions in life.

    I always look as who starts following me as a matter of curiosity and I’m both surprised and (mainly) delighted to see they’re people from all over the world, but I do worry about the young folk who fill their blogs with selfies and how many bottles of nail polish they buy. I mean to say, I really do hope their future has something more meaningful than telling the world how beautiful they think they are.

    I have managed to stop following someone just because they follow me though. Now I follow those blogs whose content I really love.

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    1. It sounds like we’ve had similar experiences with the advertisers and I also don’t follow back every person who follows me. I just don’t want to clutter up my feed with the nail-polishers out there, to use your example. I wonder why they are following me, and I know they are just trying to get numbers. One woman was quite offended that I would not follow her back, but she was into wedding planning, and clearly thought she was “all that.” I couldn’t do it. But others are great blogs and the people are sincere and I enjoy getting to know them. Shrug. We just have to find the right peeps!

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  5. Mine started as a joke when a client (worked at a holistic vet) told me to do it. I was showing him how I punish my cats (he was scared thought I meant beat my cats) – they were dressed up like Easter Bunnies. He got a good laugh at my bunnies and said I shouldn’t keep that to myself and start a blog. I’m very bad with techie things and wanted another site for my travel stuff but since it was so much work, kept everything in one place. I didn’t expect to meet all these people! What a great surprise. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting two bloggers in person. The hardest thing is keeping up with everyone’s blog, there are so many I follow. Happy Anniversary!

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    1. I think it’s great that we can be a whole person on our blog, and not just stay on one subject. I’d love to see your cats more on your blog, but I often save information from your travel features to tuck away as an idea for future travel. You go to some cool places!

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      1. Jebus was great, I could do anything to him. Chewie and Jiminy don’t really let me dress them up. Think Jebus was my cat muse.

        Aw, thanks for the travel compliment. I have a real bad travel bug. We just got back from Banff. I found out I’m not too good with altitude, Vic wasn’t as bad. If our tours went slower I would have probably been fine. I felt fine in Banff until something active came up but then we went up the gondola. That brought us up another 2000Ft (we were about 7500ft), I felt a mess up there and then felt kind of woozy when we went back down a few hours later. Thought I would have felt better when we descended. Either way, great trip. I love snow. It’s so pretty there. Another blogger told me about Banff. Thanks to them we found a new favorite place.

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        1. We live in Denver, so we are used to being a mile high (5280 feet) to begin with. When we go several thousand feet higher, we get altitude issues too, such as a headache. It isn’t any fun. If you go to the area for a day or two before you do something pretty active, it’s supposed to help you adjust to the altitude. That doesn’t work for a weekend trip, though, does it? Take it easy!

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