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My Week in Pictures

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This week, instead of writing about my life right now, I wanted to share it in pictures. Despite the  snow showers we are having every few days, it is still spring. I’m sorry if the photo quality isn’t up to my usual standards, these were all taken with my iPhone. As always, the best camera is the one you have with you!

crabapple blossoms
I think these are crabapple blossoms.
great horned owls, owl family
I pass this Great Horned Owl’s nest on my usual dog walk. If you look closely, there are two owlets visible in the center crack of the trunk. They look like two little fuzz-balls with dark feathers around their eyes.
great horned owl family
Here’s another look at the Great Horned Owl family. You can see the right-hand owlet more clearly here.
Goffin's Cockato
At home, my Goffin’s Cockatoo stole the jalapeno I was going to put in our dinner. Birds perceive the “heat” in peppers differently than people, and peppers are a favorite food.
standard poodle
River looks a little puzzled here. There’s a lot about our life that she is still trying to figure out. This is so much different than the farm where she was born and lived her first 5 months.

It’s a good life, here!


  1. Oh Karel your photos are lovely!!! And that Great Horned Owl is absolutely fabulous!!!
    The Cockatiel is cute as a button. And River is the ultimate adorable in her photo….
    What a lovely photo blog this is…..I really enjoyed it!
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen

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  2. I was in awe at the owl. He looked like an extension to the tree. I loved all the photos especially the one after my own heart the cockatoo!!

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  3. I would have never noticed the young owls if you hadn’t pointed them out. Good camo work by the mom. I had no idea cockatoos like hot peppers, and what a precious shot of River!

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    1. Thank you.; it was a picturesque week. And just about everyone has a hard time finding the owlets. We watched this same pair raise one chick to adulthood last year, so we know what to look for now and the location of the nest! We are SO lucky that this owl couple isn’t frightened by a the dogs and humans who walk nearby.

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    1. The dad watched me walk by on the first leg of my walk. When we returned, he flew to the nest and the babes popped out. I swear he was showing them off!! Mom was hanging around nearby, waiting until dark when she likes to hunt.


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