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Many large cities struggle to take care of their mentally ill population that is homeless. These individuals are living a high-risk life with frequent interactions with emergency services and law enforcement. Rather than ignore the problem, blame the people, or just try to medicate it away, Denver, Colorado is trying a novel approach. They are running a pilot program that gives a group of qualifying people a free place to live.

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Homelessness hurts

The safety and security that comes from having a home are healing on a basic level, but it also means that people have an address. With an address, they can receive more assistance from various agencies and organizations than they could get if they were living on the streets. Read this article to see how Denver is reducing municipal costs and transforming lives. Two years into a five year program, statistics look good and the program appears to be helping people turn their lives around.

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  1. Link is working and it is an extremely interesting post KDKH thank you. Give people an address and take them as they are is the take home message I got from it besides being inspired by the true life stories. Kudos to Denver for implementing this well thought out programme.

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  2. I tried to follow that link to the article in two different browsers and got an error message each time. Sounds like a great program based on what you say here.


    1. I’ve reinserted the link and it works for me. I hope it works for everyone! Let me know if it still does not work. Thank you for not only clicking the link, but letting me know there was a problem!


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