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What’s a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?

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gray cat
Are you going to keep that toy all day? I want to play!

During the four-and-a-half weeks that Nami was missing (see Nami on the Loose here), my husband and I took many trips to the local shelter to see if she had been brought in. I enjoyed petting all the cats, and if they did not indicate they wanted to be alone, I hoped that I brightened their day with a little attention. One day I saw a kitten that I recognized from the lost room the week before. She was unclaimed and up for adoption. I remembered her trying to get my attention in the lost room, and I steadfastly looked away. She wasn’t Nami, so I wasn’t interested. Now, though, I could pet her, and I was equally drawn and repelled. She was sweet and friendly, but her hair was longer than what my husband and I could accept, and I was afraid that I would like her too much. I continued my rounds with the other kitties.

cat in sink
A favorite hiding place, cool and out of River’s sight.

My husband and I are both allergic to cats, so we minimize the discomfort by sticking to short-haired cats, hoping that reduced the allergens. A long-haired cat was out of the question, and we were not there to adopt. But after touring the facility, I was again drawn to the gray kitty with longish hair. The shelter’s write-up said she had “medium hair.” Close enough. She was so affectionate, the purring started as soon as I picked her up. She made overtures to my husband. We were smitten.  

gray cat
This shelf with a hiding tube is a favorite catification treatment with a view out a window.

Although we adopted Mystic, we were still actively looking for Nami and hoped she would come home. What would happen when she came home and found another cat? We felt so strongly that Mystic was the right cat for us, we took her home anyway. I showed her all the catification features around the house that gave her sanctuary from the dogs – high shelves just for cats and a room with a large window but no dogs. She loves these, but her favorite by far is the cat tree my husband made from natural aspen. It gives her a highway to the second floor without using the stairs as it rises from the main floor to the second in our living room with the vaulted ceiling. When the dogs get to be too much, Mystic has places to hide.

cat peeking
Peeking out of a hole in the hiding tube.

Honestly, the dogs aren’t a problem, it’s just that River LOVES cats and wants to play. The other dogs are older, and young River is looking for a little action. “Will the kitten play, mom?” River asked, wagging furiously, ecstatic with the new addition. Her enthusiasm can be a bit overwhelming at times, though. Mystic loves having her hiding places that River can’t reach.

dog and cat
River and Mystic making friends

When Nami finally came home, Mystic was all, “Hi! I wondered where you were. Your scent is everywhere….” Nami was like, “Who the hell are you?” But within days, it was all just fine. Mystic never challenged Nami, conceding she was in charge, so there was really nothing to fight about. Now, we see Nami trying to play a bit with Mystic. Sometimes it looks like she is trying to remember how to play; she looks like she’s a bit rusty but giving it a try!

kitten at window
The big outdoors can be scary when you’re alone. So glad I have a home!

We were worried that Nami and Mystic wouldn’t get along, but it hasn’t been a problem. Once again, we’re a two-cat household, and it feels good. We see more of Nami, now, and Mystic’s purring and affection is always welcome.

cat and jade plant
Mystic likes to hang out with the succulents.


  1. Hello sweet Mystic! You are gorgeous! And Nami I’m so relieved you returned home. And River you are lovely.
    Karel I apologize for not following you sooner. You must wonder why not…I don’t know why….Siddhartha Henry would have loved to follow your blog as he LOVED dogs.
    Anyway, I’m finally here & so is BellaDharma. Better late than never right?

    I’m off to read about Nami’s adventure……You must have been beside yourselves not knowing where Nami was….
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma

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    1. Welcome! I speak cat, too, so it should be fine. As for Nami? I spent much of those 4.5 weeks knowing she loved our home and wanted to come back and the rest of the time wondering why she wandered off. Had she wanted to move homes? Was she tired of us? Lots of soul-searching there. But now she’s home, and I just saw her playing with Mystic. Maybe this was the only way she could get us to bring home a friend!

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      1. Karel I can imagine how torn up you were. I wonder if cats think it would be fun to go on an adventure & then like a little child who wanders off, they get lost & can’t find their way home. I doubt she was tired of you…..
        And I wondered if her going on an adventure was ‘her’ way of getting herself a new friend in Mystic…..CATS! Go figure!!! 😉

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        1. My husband was adamant the we would not get more pets. But with Nami missing, he relented. So this was probably the only way Nami could get us to bring a friend home for her. She was a genius!

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  2. Mystic is so beautiful, and her sweetness exudes right through the page. I had 2 dogs and 2 cats for years, but my husband of 10 years met me when I was “catless” and I never was able to get another cat because it would send him to the hospital, he is so allergic. He’s a great guy and I would rather have him. 🙂

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  3. Oh my gosh, she’s so CUTE!!! (Longer haired cats cause less irritation, because their hair holds in more of the allergy-inducing protein in dander…Lucky gamble!) Meow means love. >^..^<

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    1. I think that shelter pets have life experience that can be overwhelming for them at first, but when they find a loving home, they can truly appreciate it. I’m glad that you found love at the shelter, too!


  4. I love a feel good smile on my face after reading your post! I love all the photos and that you’ve found success. I think pets pick us and I love that you agreed with Mystic – come home with me! 🙂 Thank goodness the zyrtec is working! Yippee for you!

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    1. I finally saw an allergist. She told me how I needed to get rid of the carpet (good idea) and all the pets, and… WHAT? I explained that I was there for her to help me live with my pets and allergies; I wasn’t getting rid of my pets. I explained what she had misunderstood; I wasn’t there to eliminate my triggers, but determine how to live with my pets and allergies. She looked a bit sour, but we worked out an antihistamine schedule (zytec twice a day) and I was happy. My husband and I agree that cats are worth the congestion, etc. Thank goodness he is a cat/dog/parrot/all pets person too!

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      1. I lived in New Jersey for a few years and I swear I was allergic to NJ! The house had very large trees all around so I think it was mold or mildew or something. As soon as I moved I could go off all meds and haven’t had allergic reactions since. They had tested me for cats because I had cats at the time but happily no reaction to cats.

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        1. You ARE lucky to not be allergic to cats! My husband is allergic to almost all green growing things and cats. I’m allergic to cats and dogs, but could not stop loving my pets! As my shedding dogs died off, we got new, non-shedding dogs and replaced the carpet with tile. That’s about as far as I can go. You sound pretty lucky to be essentially allergy-free now!

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          1. Mostly. If I work in the ground for more than two hours, I get respiratory drip and sneezy. My tests should standard (the doc says) allergies to mildew, mold and something else I don’t remember. It bothers me more as I get older but I am very grateful that I’m not allergic to animals. I commend you for working with your allergies. My step-daughter is allergic to cats and has 2. She had 3, then 2 died and she said she wouldn’t get anymore. Ha! That didn’t last. She works with meds to manage it.

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