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Blessing of the Animals

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Great Blue Heron

October 4 is the day of the Blessing of the Animals, in honor of St. Francis. I am fully on board for blessing animals on this day and every day. This is a metaphysical blessing of all animals, even humans.

prairie dogs

We ask the God/Goddess/All That Is to bless the animals of the world, be they livestock, pets, wild animals, humans, or insects; we ask that You embrace us all.

For any animal living with hunger, we ask that their needs be met;

Where there is pain let there be relief;

Where there is fear, bring them safety;

Where there is frustration, bring them ease;

Where there is loneliness, let there be companionship;

Where there is anxiety, let there be peace;

Where there is judgement, let there be grace;

Where there is ignorance, let there be understanding.

For those who seek love, let them find it in fellow animals, plants, sky, mountains, water, and in all the Earth’s glory – and within themselves.

We ask that human animals see within all animals the spark that they are, within the Light of the World.

In the Light, we are all equal.



  1. I was aware of the special day for blessing the animals and I think it is a wonderful reminder that we should pray daily, not only for those we love but for those we find it very difficult to love. For our pets and loved ones we pray thanks, good fortune, and comfort ; For the difficult ones we pray for peace and order in their tortured souls that the anger they feel might be taken away and/or that they soon learn what the Lord wants them to learn from their tribulations so they can be released from them.

    Love you


    1. I can see your point. I think sometimes people try to think they are better than animals, so the idea here was to remember that we are all equal – humans and animals. As a parrot, I can understand that you may feel superior to humans. My cockatoo certainly does!

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