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You’d Think a Walk Would be Easy, but No

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You can see Jazz’s cataracts in this picture.

I missed Jazz in last week’s photos; he wasn’t very cooperative, and all his pictures were blurry. So I ’ve dedicated a post to him. He’s about 95% blind, deaf, arthritic, and almost 16 years old. He had a melanoma removed a couple of months ago and is down to just a few teeth. We are inseparable when I’m at home or we’re camping together.

dog in shirt
Jazz wore t-shirts to keep his wound clean after his surgery. It kept him warm, the wound clean, and avoided the cone of shame!

At first, I thought he just really liked me. Later, I realized that he is anxious. If we got separated, he would roam the house looking for me, but he couldn’t really find me, which made him anxious. Now, I dark, I turn on the lights as I go, because I think he can still see light. He will always pick a light room over a dark one, so I think he can see that, although he can no longer see most movement.

dog kiss
You can’t leave me, mom!

If I take a 30-minute walk with our four dogs, 3 dogs will want to walk more, but Jazz will be ready for a nap. He won’t sleep well for a couple of nights, and I know that it’s because he hurts. When he sleeps with me, he presses his arthritic hips against me because the heat of my body reduces the pain a little.

These two are watching me cook, intently hoping to detect dropped food. Jazz never finds it unless he’s on top of it, but Tribble never misses.

I could stop taking him out, but he LOVES his walks! His yips of delight are contagious, and his nose still works fine. I can’t leave him behind, and he is tiresome to carry. Finally, I broke down and bought a Dogger brand dog stroller so that he can walk a bit, ride a bit, and sleep the night he has a walk. We bought it particularly for when we go camping, but I thought we could use it during neighborhood walks, too. It’s easy to maneuver and folds to go in the back of my small SUV; we’re very pleased with it.

dog stroller and dog
I had Jazz with me when I unpacked the new dog stroller

In the beginning, I’m pushing an empty stroller until he gets tired, it’s just crazy. He will walk in front of the stroller and then stop, not knowing he could easily be hit if I can’t stop in time. He zig-zags around the other dogs, tangling the leashes and wrapping around my legs. He’ll go wherever his leash reaches, often avoiding the path that the other dogs walk. He weaves left, right, up and back, all over the place. He’s not slow, mind you, he’s excited and going pretty fast. The other dogs must dodge around me, the stroller, and each other, while trying to avoid Jazz’s maneuvers. The leashes are constantly tangled and wrapped around me. Frankly, it’s exhausting.

dog in a stroller
Jazz is getting used to the stroller while it’s still in the house.

When I put Jazz in the stroller, we can finally walk like a normal pack. Jazz is still a bit anxious in the stroller, though; he would rather have me carry him. In his mind, I’m miles away, not just the length of the handlebar. Since he cannot see or hear me, he has no clue I’m there if he can’t smell my scent. I’m still trying to get him used to the stroller, but I really need someone to handle the other dogs, which doesn’t happen very often.

walking dogs
This isn’t so bad, with Jazz in the stroller and holding the other 3 leashes. These dogs are good walkers. Jazz…not so much.

It really makes me not want to go anymore, except I know how much the dogs like it. When I try to take only one at a time, I have to face three confused and sad faces when I leave, and that makes me sad too. Whenever I get too frustrated, I remind myself that it’s a good problem to have. Jazz’s still here, mobile, and in his right mind.

dog in stroller
Where are you, mom?

Jazz turns 16 next month, and I’m considering a little birthday party, similar to the one I had when he turned 15 (see A Party for my Snuggle-Buddy). Maybe I’ll invite my daughter’s dog over to join our pack of 4. Whenever bacon is involved, I’ve noticed all dogs are interested in partying!

(As an Amazon Associate, this blog earns a small fee for any purchase made from the Amazon links in this site. I only mentioned the stroller because I like it so much and believe readers would like to more about it. I appreciate your support of this blog.)

dog in coat
Jazz’s hair is pretty thin, so on the cold days, he wears a soft, light-weight coat, even in the house.


  1. Jazz reminds me of a chocolate poodle I had that went everywhere with me. He eventually got cataracts too, and I did also, so we made a good pair. He passed away several years ago and I miss him a lot. I have a 9 year old American Bulldog mix now who keeps me smiling, but one day I hope to get another small dog like Jazz again.

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    1. It’s a shame how prone the miniature poodles are to cataracts. The hemp CBD was like has slowed his decline into blindness, but he is 95% there. I’m glad you have a new companion dog. No one should be without.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the stroller and I haven’t even got a dog 😀

    I can well imagine the other dogs weaving in and out and tagging up with Jazz (who weird weaving must confess matters even further)

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  3. I admire that you keep trying even though those walks are so difficult. Hopefully in time Jazz will get more used to the stroller, it is so great that you got that for him, and so great that he still enjoys taking walks!

    BTW, thank you for your order from my store, I really appreciate it! You should receive your package today. You should have gotten email notification with tracking, but it came to my attention that it probably did not go out (trying to fix that now).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Geez! He would love 80 degrees. Instead, he gets a light coat for the house. I would melt in 80 degrees. And yes, walking these friends without help does feel brave. Or stupid. Other walkers watch and laugh at me. 😳

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  4. Do you think if you put a piece of your clothing with your scent on it in the carriage with him, he’s be less nervous? He’s such a sweetie and you are a kind person to work with his deficits. When my old cat Jake got cataracts, I wished I would win the lottery so I could get him surgery (if there is such a thing for cats). Sadly, no lottery winner here. Publishers Clearing House didn’t stop here either.

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    1. I know someone who paid several thousand dollars for her dog to get cataract surgery, but Jazz has done so well that we haven’t considered it. The CBD oil really slowed the issue once we started it— too late for the right eye but a big help to the left. Now that his vision is almost totally gone, he depends a lot on his nose, and he’s too old for another surgery. I like your idea of putting something of mine with him in the stroller. I’m going to try that!

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      1. Yes, putting an item if clothing in that you have worn, so your scent is on it is a good idea.
        I did this for my cat who I used to own. (My last one, Miley ) I then one day had a blanket for her with me all week. Wrapping myself in it, before using that for her. It seemed to help, so hopefully Jazz will find this helpful too.

        Those strollers are great. I have seen the odd personal n use them in the UK for their elderly pets, so they can still enjoy being outdoors.

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          1. I can understand feeling silly at first. I would have been had I been in the same position. It’s something new to you. But as you say, it would be tough leaving him behind. You are keeping his independence too. He enjoys going out and you are helping him with that.

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          2. Yes, the walks keep his spirits up, and a little exercise is good for his mobility. That’s why I let him walk for a while before he rides. It’s what he needs that’s important, even if it’s a struggle for me.

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