solstice display

Going Within on Solstice

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RMNP, snow spindrift, peaks
Snow Spindrift on the tops of peaks at Rocky Mountain National Park, Solstice 2012.

As the beginning of the natural year, the winter solstice has been celebrated for thousands of years. Today, we will have a subdued celebration in our home. We had planned a day in nature, reveling in the winter air. We had planned a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park to enjoy the snow, the wide vistas, and the clear, cold air. Instead, we brought our dog home from the vet hospital, which has diverted our plans. I’ll post more on him, later.

A deer spotted at Rocky Mountain National park.

We’ll have a little ceremony tonight, releasing everything this year that no longer serves us, returning it to the earth for transmutation. We also gather our intentions for the new year, to be released with a burst of energy, sending them out into the universe to manifest. We gather to us the love of our family (human and animal) and cradle it in our hearts.

solstice display
Reindeer, pine boughs, and greenery are traditional solstice decorations. Here is my display.

It is a short moment of awareness of what has been and what we want to be. It is a moment to go within and remember what is important. In a season often fraught with business, I hope you have such a quiet moment, too.

elk, RMNP
Elk enjoying the solstice (2012) in Rocky Mountain National Park.


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