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Stop reading; let’s snuggle!

A speech pathologist taught her dog to communicate with her the same way that she taught children with disabilities how to communicate, using a board full of large buttons. When pressed, each button would recite a designated word. Children (or dogs) could push the button to communicate with their caretakers. See the full article here.

black dog
Could I have a treat?

I read about this, and I was intrigued. Of course we want our pets to talk to us, don’t we? But what if they say something we don’t want to hear? When I left for work the first few days after taking in a rescue parrot, she told me:  “Don’t go; stay.”  Yet I had a job to go to, and I had to leave. After three days of her pleas being ignored, she stopped saying it. It still hurts to think about it. Do I really want to know what they are thinking? Yes, I do.

dog; wildflowers
Let’s go for a walk!

My husband is quite handy at making things. Could he make one for our pets? What buttons would my dogs want? I thought we could start with: let’s go for a walk; snuggle; belly rubs, please; treats now; share your food with me; happy; let’s play; and someone’s at the door,  etc. I think their communication needs would be pretty straight-forward.

No, never. Go away.

The cats, however, would have more expressive buttons. Things like: no, never; serve me food now; I need fresh running water with a hint of catnip; I don’t know who knocked that off the counter;  play with me or I will hurt you; I don’t care what you want- I’m going to sleep now; pet me now – but not too much; and a button with a picture of a middle finger extended.

cat; green eyes
I don’t know who knocked that off the counter…..

I’m pretty sure I know which of the cats’ buttons would be used the most. That’s what I like about them; they know what they want, and don’t cave to peer pressure. What do you think? Do your pets want a communication board?

meowing cat
I wish I had a middle finger to show you!


  1. I didn’t know someone had done made a communication board for pets. It is an interesting idea. I’m heading over to that site now to read more about it. Thanks for posting!

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  2. There is a user on Tik Tok who posts videos of her dog using a communication board. I thought it was pretty neat! I wouldn’t make one for our dogs though, for two reasons. The first being that our house is already cluttered and we honestly just don’t have the space for something like that. The second is that I have 3 dogs and if they all learned how to use it, I fear we would never be left in peace xD All the time we’d be hearing “food. food. food. food.” “play. play. play.” “walk. walk. walk. walk.” “outside. outside.” xDD

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  3. Granny and I are always communicating, she knows exactly what I want, if not, I make sure she does…MOL…Thanks for the laugh at the middle finger 😀 We also come to bring you Extra Pawkisses for stopping by at my bloggie and bringing lovely Birthday wishes. Thank you sweet furriends🐾😽💞

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    1. I know that you and Granny have a special relationship in which you speak to each other without words. Not everyone has that gift, yet. They could use something like this to learn how much they are the same as their animal companions, don’t you think?

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  4. What a fabulous post Karel!! I was thinking if NYLABLUE could have talked we would have had some rip-roaring arguments!! And can you imagine how Purrince Siddhartha Henry would have talked my ear off 20 hours a day??? BellaDharma is a really quiet cat…I think mostly because she was on her own so much. It took her months to even ‘meow’ once. Now when I return home we have an entire conversation. And she will reply to my “Good Morning Bella Bella” with the cutest little chirpy meow!
    I sometimes wonder if BellaDharma is a bit depressed because she will lie quietly with the saddest expression on her face….I ask her if she is all right an she ‘slow blinks’ at me…..
    I could use a talking box for sure!
    {{{hugs}}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrsss** BellaDharma too

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  5. Love your post, especially the part about cats. LOL…my cat would look at, look at the buttons and walk away. I had a birthday party for my cat and a friend gave me a present also: a small box, with a drawing of a cat, stating ” if cats could talk, they wouldn’t”…so true!

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  6. When i stopped caving in to my Lexi’s demand for treats, she used another tactic. She knew I would always get up and let her out into the fenced yard when she asked. That door was just before entering the kitchen. So when I got almost to that door, she would turn and try to lead me into the kitchen, where her treats were. Who needs a talk button?

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    1. They are so clever! Some of us seem to understand what they’re thinking more than others. I suspect much of what I’d like them to tell me is a bit abstract to have a button for it. Do they think about God or the creator? What do they dream? What are their aspirations?

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    2. Our Luke does this too, at meal time! Sometimes he’ll even actually go outside, but then he turns right around and paws at the door to be let back in. “Hey, as long as you’re up, why don’t you feed me??”

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  7. This is a wonderful post. I’ve not read about this newfound way to communicate with your pets, but I’ve no doubt that all cats would say: “I don’t know who knocked that off the counter…..” You got that right!

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    1. Right? Unfortunately, three of my parrots don’t talk. I could use some help. The same scream can have a multitude of meanings. Which one is it now?


  8. My cats don’t need a board. They are quite expressive and if I don’t get it right away (they think I’m a little slow on the communication), they will make it more clear. Cats are direct. No agenda to figure out. That’s what I like about them. About that finger, I’m sure I’ve seen it here.

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    1. I’m sure you have! I think the pets are pantomiming what they want as if we are a bit dense (we are). I feel like I usually get the message. There are other times, though, when I’d really like to know what they are thinking because it just isn’t ordinary or easy.

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