Gracie Helps Out

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cat, christmas tree
What? I’m not doing anything!

We just weren’t fast enough, so Gracie had to step in and get things started. We’re usually quite prompt putting away our Christmas tree. Sometimes we’d do it Christmas evening or the day after. At most, we’d wait a week. This year, though, we were not so uptight, and then we all got sick. First, my husband, then I had a cold/flu; somewhere in there, my husband had a long business trip. Somehow, we were late taking down the tree.

bengal cat
Better keep an eye on her, Mom. Gracie is being naughty!

I told myself it didn’t matter; who really cares? Come to find out, Gracie cared. Deciding that this task was right in her wheelhouse, she began to systematically help us. Every morning we would find a swath of Christmas ornaments on the floor.

cat, window
Getting a better vantage point to look down at the tree, picking her next targets.

She may have started out with the ones on the bottom row; we kind of expect that after all these years with cats. Soon, Gracie began pulling ornaments off the middle and near-top branches, too. She was pretty athletic in her expeditions around our tree — I can’t believe it didn’t fall over.

cat, christmas tree
See the gap on the left, near the top? That was one of Gracie’s nest spots. I think she’s plotting her next kill…uh…removal.

When we finally took it down, my husband pointed out areas where Gracie had built herself nests in a couple of areas near the tree’s top. Wow. It was her first Christmas, and she went all out! We didn’t hang up our precious and breakable ornaments, just in case she got rowdy, and that was a good decision. After removing her favorites, she carried them upstairs and around the house where she could canoodle with them privately.

Excuse me? This is a private moment; move along.

This wouldn’t have bothered me, except that her favorite ornaments were all birds, many with natural feathers on them. As I look at our parrots, I wondered if she thought of them as she plucked the ornament’s feathers and bit into their plump little bodies. Or perhaps, the way they taunt her, she thought the ornaments were to be used as voodoo dolls. I’m still not sure.

bird ornament
What’s left of the ornament a few weeks later. It resembles a voodoo doll more than anything.


    1. That would be nice. It isn’t a chore that I enjoy. We just found a squirrel ornament today. I don’t know where she hid it, but the tail is missing. She changed the squirrel into a hamster!


  1. what a fantastic cat. Nesting in the trees perhaps she had a better chance of catching a parrot up there. Is she a burmease? Loved this. Your other pus was so good to let you know.😇

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    1. Gracie is a rescue, but possibly part Russian Blue. The tattle tale is a Bengal. Gracie and our cockatoo have something weird fascination with each other, but the bird wisely keeps his distance. Or, in cat language, he teases her!

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      1. Is your cockatoo actually a Corrella? very sweet lol. Gracie looks similar to the burmease I had who lived to 20 had all his own teeth and bought a kitten(baby rabbit) in two days before he died. a great cat and age I wish for Gracie and her tattle tale Benagal the same long life. My Poppy had a cockatoo as a friend. He only went into his cage to sleep, and the door was always open. He could fly and would go off but always come home, My Poppy had an amazing affinity with animals. He and my other grandfather. Yet I am really the only grandchild (out of three from my parents marriage) that is really into them. Gracie is very beautiful and young. Thank goodness they become adults at some time. Your Bengal is lovely. Shame it is nameless LOL

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        1. The Bengal’s name is Tsunami, but was all call her Nami. The cockatoo is called a Goffin’s cockatoo in the USA, but I think it is a Corella in Australia. We don’t let him outside because of the snow and extreme weather here, but he flies free throughout the house and is a great companion. My great-grandfather has a way with animals, and I am the only one like him. Who knew we could be so far apart and yet be so alike?

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  2. Like your tree and how you used cat friendly ornaments! All glass and breakables never get hung anymore. I have these fuzzy gnomes and every morning I wake up to gnomes throughout my place. It’s cute. I’ll get a gnome in the foyer or the hallway. I’ve been getting a smaller table top tree and it’s been better. My kids don’t eat the tree as much.

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      1. I got them at Crate & Barrel a few years ago. I have a few gnomes around my apt. A few friends kept telling me they belong in a garden. and think I’m weird for having them. They have names too: Jurgen, Klaus, and Heinrich.

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  3. Mee-yow Miss Krel mee thinkss Gracie was just playin…let us hope rite??? Do not tell her THE Parrotss are berdss; just that they are Parrotss!! Mew mew mew////
    Gracie you sure made a mess ummm well did a furabuluss job undeckoratin THE tree!!
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma

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    1. The problem is that he parrots sometimes fly in the house, so Gracie knows those parrots are birds! I cannot tell her that they are feathered potatoes, as she first thought. She was a help, and great entertainment. I’m just glad the tree stayed upright!

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  4. We had a cat who systematically removed all the ornaments for the tree. It was annoying, but fascinating. As for the voodoo bird, poor thing BUT maybe it had it coming and only Gracie knew it. Perhaps she’s saved you from something evil that was flying your way. 😉

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    1. She had a great time! Some of our ornaments- not so much. She was such a shy cat when we got her. It has been wonderful to see her come out of her shell.


  5. This was the first year for Sasha. She wasn’t bad, just the bottom ones although we are continuing to find the ornaments long after the tree is down. I have them in a spot that I’m sure I’ll forget about until next year!

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  6. 😂😂😂 I was laughing through this, knowing myself as once a cat owner, what they like to get up to.
    My last cat would take them a little further afield too. I used to find some months later from putting the tree away.

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  7. Oh dear, the parrots might have to watch out. Gracie looks very like my Dash, he hasn’t discovered an enthusiasm for voodoo, at least not yet, in his case it might require a dog ornament.😊

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