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The Wonder of Lost Causes

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I have a secret, Mom. All dogs have magics in their hearts!

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own pain and suffering that we can’t find a way out. I read a book recently about Kate and Jasper, a single mother and her son, who has cystic fibrosis. The medications, therapies, and hospitalizations left the young boy and his mother wrapped in a life in which everything was under control. It was a tough hand they were dealt with, and it took all their efforts to keep his illness in check, but they both dreamed of a life that was somehow more. Yet, it seemed like too much to ask for.

The Wonder of Lost Causes

The Wonder of Lost Causes is about how Kate and Jasper found a way into a life of taking chances, being daring, and finding a life worth living. Of course, it all starts with an abandoned dog, Whistler, that had also led a life of pain and suffering and was looking for not just a new home but the right home. The bond between these three changes everything.

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Can you feel it, Mom? I’m beaming you love straight from my heart to yours!

Jasper and Whistler have a natural and undeniable connection. In fact, Jasper is convinced that he can understand Whistler’s feelings, and it’s clear that Whistler understands Jasper’s needs. Jasper is convinced that Whistler has wisdom that needs to be shared with the world, and he is the way the words get spoken. Of course, Whistler works his magic on people whether they can hear his words or not. His heart leads the way to a sweet, happy ending.

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Mom! I have secret wisdom, too. It starts with unconditional love and ends with the mysteries of the universe!

I loved The Wonder of Lost Causes because it fully honors the human-dog bond. It also dabbles a bit in animal communication, naturally. Those with strong bonds with their companion animals are no stranger to understanding the unsaid words, the feelings that are very clear in their animal friends’ eyes. This was a beautiful book about the change that comes with love and taking a chance on an animal that needs to give their love to just the right person.

P.S. I have not been compensated for this review; I just wanted to share something I enjoyed with my blogging friends.

The Wonder of Lost Causes
Like everyone else, I have a busy life. I listened to The Wonder of Lost Causes as an audiobook (I love Audible!) while I chopped vegetables, drove my car, folded laundry, and all the other dull chores that were enhanced with a good story.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful book. I need to look into Audible….I rarely have time to read anymore, but there is definitely time when I’m doing other things that I could listen to one.

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    1. Well in all fairness, the dog in the story left his “owner” to find better folks. When he was found, the owner didn’t want him back, so it was mutual. This allowed the dog to find someone who spoke to his heart. In the end, there was quite a competition between Jasper and an earlier custodian. In the end, Whistler made his own choice, as it should be. 🐕


  2. Sounds like one of those books that I might enjoy too. Thanks for sharing. I’m a great believer in the connection between humans and their pets (especially birds in my case).

    My younger brother has the most incredible bond with his dog, Badger ,and I seriously think those 2 can really communicate.

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    1. I also like birds, it they are a little harder for me to get a read on them. I have enjoyed the works of Kathy Follett (Flockcall FB page). She has been a big help to my understanding of my flock. I am a big believer in the intuitive connection we share with our companion animals. And yes, some companions are wild!


  3. The books sounds delightful and encouraging. I’ll look for it.

    [You have audible and you like it? Thinking of trying it but am concerned about how much it actually costs to use it should I get hooked on it.]

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    1. I have been using Audible for a couple of years, after I had exhausted the selection at my local library. It has been wonderful to have listening to be so effortless (no lugging around CDs) and no waiting for my turn at a library download (extensive). I have found a rich selection of books that suit my taste. Chores and commutes are less onerous! I seriously work their sales and sometimes I take advantage of the daily deals to get more books at a lower cost. My husband has gifted me extra reads for Christmas which was appreciated, too. I read a lot anyway. At least the audiobooks don’t pressure our already-full bookcases.

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