Goffin's cockatoo bathing

Finding Happiness Wherever You Can

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goffin's cockatoo
Welcome to the spa!

Sugar gave me a great object lesson on happiness and joy today. I walked into the kitchen to find him bathing in the cats’ water fountain! He was obviously enjoying himself, grinning at me with a twinkle in his eye. Once he understood that it was all okay, he resumed his bath, slinging water everywhere and dunking everything he could.

Goffin's cockatoo bathing
He’s not wasting any time.

He wasn’t going to feel guilty or glum; he was going to enjoy whatever he could. I was happy that he found a larger place to bathe than his water bowl, as it helps him shed the dust that is normal for cockatoos. Whatever goes into the water doesn’t end up all over my shirt, right?

Goffin's cockatoo bathing
Put the right foot in….(doing the hokey pokey)!

The world is struggling on almost every level, and no one is unaffected. It’s easy to feel guilty because we are not suffering to the extent of others, but Sugar is showing me that I need to loosen up a little and enjoy whatever I can, wherever I find it. Now is not the time for parties or celebrations, but it’s okay to do something enjoyable.  

Goffin's cockatoo bathing

We hear on the internet how so many people are either on self-improvement, home improvement, or ambitious projects right now – if they aren’t so shocked or depressed that they can’t get off the couch. I think that Sugar has the right idea. Just small pleasurable things can be a help to get us through the day. We don’t have to feel guilty if we aren’t learning a foreign language or getting buff. It’s okay to gently ease through this time, adding a bit of joy wherever we can. It’s okay – Sugar said so!

Goffin's cockatoo bathing
You can see his grin!


          1. Mew mew mew Sugar if mee were a Birdie mee wuud ask you on a date!! Yore THE hansum an kewl!! Mee so happy mee cuud make yore day!
            Miss Karel how old IS Sugar? Hee not look like an ‘old man’….
            **purrss** BellaDharma

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          2. As a rescue, we aren’t sure, but his leg band says he was wild-caught. Due to the import laws, we think he is at least 44 years old! He’s still a flirt, though, and would love a relationship with Hannah, but she is not interested in being more than good friends. 😉


    1. He’s a character, all right. He really thinks he rules the roost -and the whole house. Of course, he’s around 40 years old, so he has acquired some wisdom through the years.

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