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My Week in Pictures

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Several days ago, it was warm enough to walk around the subdivision. This little bit of lawn art lives on the gentleman’s farm that edges our homes. The young longhorn lays beside still waters.
peach blossoms
Our peach tree was blossoming triumphantly when the snow and hard freeze hit. No peaches for us this year (sad).
dog with quilt
Garnet is hitting those senior years, and she likes a snuggly blanket when she sleeps. It may be snowing outside, but she’s comfy and warm. This little quilt was made for her by my mother!
Bengal Cat
As I work from home, Nami often lays in my lap with my hands above her on the keyboard. I think we’re both enjoying our time together. Come summer, she won’t need my warm lap, but for now, she’s loving it!
sleeping poodle
River is getting in a little nap as she watches me work. I love having them sleep in my home office while I work. I can feel their love and support surrounding me.
Black and tan dog
Tribble got a home haircut over the weekend. Instead of being a scruffy gold dog, you can now see her black torso. I find it fascinating that she turns gold as her guard hair grows out!
gray cat
Gracie snuggles in my lap. This stay-home order seems to inspire a lot of sleep! Or maybe it’s the Easter snow storm that has lingered. My life isn’t looking all that exciting, but it is contented and calm. Right now, I feel like that’s an accomplishment.


  1. Mew mew emw wee can feel yore serenity rite thru’ our Pee C Miss Karel….
    River an Garnet an Tribble you are so lovelee an Nami an Gracie you have innspired mee to go have another happy nappy!!!
    Thankx fore sharin yore ZEN with us……
    ***purrsss*** BellaDharma an {{huggiess}} LadyMew

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    1. They do have to work hard, here. They minister to us, showing love, restoring our spirits that get dinged up a bit at work. I don’t know how people cope without that.

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    1. I think they are. I had to leave the house the other day – without them- and they looked so confused that I would leave. LOL. They’re adjusting to working full-time from home quite well. Honestly, my husband and I have too.

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