gray cat

Love in the Closet

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gray cat
Gracie watches me in my office from the safety of the plants.

Gracie is our youngest cat – she just turned a year old a few days ago. Happy birthday, Gracie!

gray cat
On my shoulder while we’re in the closet.

It has been hard for her to find her place in a household with so many other pets. She won’t challenge the dogs or Nami for their favorite places. She has discovered all the shelves, cat tree perches, and nooks and crannies that Nami hasn’t claimed, and she has made them her own.  While I work from home, Nami takes my lap, leaving Gracie on her own.

bengal cat
“I’m senior cat in this house,” Nami says. “I’m not giving up the coveted lap while mom works!”

So we adapt. In the morning when I get dressed, Gracie follows me into the master closet where she has me all to herself. I gently shut the door, sit on a small stool I use to reach the upper shelf, and we…canoodle. She purrs, and I pet her. She’ll sit on my lap, move into my arms, and just cuddle and purr for the longest. I’m pretty sure that purrs have healing qualities because they melt my heart and start my day with a calm feeling of love and contentment.

gray cat
We’re not hiding our love, we’re just enjoying a little alone time.

Eventually, I have to put her down, get dressed, and go to work. When we part, though, I’m feeling hopeful and secure about my day. I don’t mind sheltering in place when it’s with those I love. Their loving support gets me through the day. Love whenever and wherever you can.

gray cat
I’m waiting for you, Mom. Just catching a few zzz’s now and then on the shelf by the window,


  1. Gracie is such a beauty! I haven’t been keeping up with your posts, but it was wonderful to catch up with you and the crew. Like a breath of fresh air! Thanks for this therapy session. 🙂

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  2. They’re so lovely!!! ❤ And those photos are wonderful too. I know taking care of pets is a big responsibility so I'd like to greet you a Happy Mother's Day today. Good job on taking care of those lovely cats ❤

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    1. Thanks! We’ve to quite a pack/flock here of dogs, cats, and parrots. They all find private times to get a little loving all to themselves!


  3. Awww….how cute she is in that closet shot. Gracie looks like she’s begging you to pick her up for a cuddle. You’re lucky to have such adorable pets.

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  4. Beautiful plants, Karel! I really like the picture of Nami and her reflection! That was creative photography! I think you should frame that one.

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    1. She’s pretty observant, but today she missed it. She came in late and it was my chance to follow her into the closet. Because purrs and cuddles are the best way to start the day.

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  5. Awww, my second youngest cat is a gray named Gracie too. She is a less pushy cat than some of the others but she has found her spots and claims my legs at night while I’m either reading or watching TV. I have two grays and they are more laid back than my torti.

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    1. Each color seems to have a different personality. We have really enjoyed our gray kitties (the late Jackson and now Gracie). But honestly, they are all lovable. Nami was very aloof when we got her, but when she became the only cat, she blossomed. Every cat is beautiful inside and out!

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    1. At first, I thought it was an accident, and maybe it was. Now, it is clearly intentional. Nami will whack Gracie if she sees us cuddling sometimes, so I understand why we have to hide our love.

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