cat in window


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cat in window
Nami frequently watches our quiet neighborhood, thinking private thoughts among the greenery. She shows the world a life without social media, television, Netflix, or intellectual diversions that obscure our connection with the natural world. We can do that, even from inside.
cat in window
Gracie watches me, aloof, yet interested. She’s biding her time to come play with me. She models patience and an understanding of a time for all things.


  1. Cats are good role models. [I recently wrote that somewhere else, in fact.] I like how they know what to do in each moment, getting what they want, making their point with style. I should be so eloquent.

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  2. Your cats seem to know they were being photographed for something important. They were so cooperative with the camera. Beautiful cats and loving companions.

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  3. Meow-wow Nami an Gracie are grate teecherss Miss Karel…..mee iss tryin to teech LadyMew to live inn THE moe-mint an bee happy playin toyss an snuggellin an stuff…
    Shee iss sorta makin progress….sorta…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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