Black dog in garden

An Oasis of Calm

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sleeping poodle
My son has been taking River for long walks each day, so River has relished her afternoon naps.

Things are quiet here. Although the state is gradually reopening, we are still homebodies. We’re orking at home, going to the grocery store once a week, and that’s about it. The parks are opening, but they are overloaded with people, which ruins it for us introverts.

goffin's cockatoo
Sugar is smiling proudly here; he knows that he isn’t supposed to be on this plant. He likes to snip the fronds, so I usually shoo him away quickly.
As our 15-year old queen, it has been awhile since Nami climbed to the crows nest of our cat tree that reaches up to the second floor. Here, she’s looking very casual to cover her pride at her climb.

I’m enjoying my to-be-read-pile of books, some writing projects, and neighborhood walks. It isn’t a lot to write about, but it is a peaceful, comfortable life.

Black dog in garden
Garnet enjoyed working with me in the garden. So intense, she is!
dog in garden
Anticipation is sweet!

All about me is chaos, disruption, and unease, but my home is an oasis of calm. Well, except for some competitive card games now and then with my husband!

gray cat
If she fits, she sits! Gracie in close quarters. I just love her eyes!
gold and brown cat, claws
My son’s cat, Bailey, makes a guest appearance. She has some glorious whiskers, but watch out for those claws!


  1. Thank you for sharing photos of your beloved pets. I especially needed to see them today. We lost our 14-year-old dog Benji this morning. Dog photos are something I always enjoy.

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    1. I my so, so sorry. I’ve lost others in my life, but nothing hurts more than loosing the one that I hold closest – my companion animals. I get to the point where I grieve so hard that I can barely function. I finally have to ask Spirit to help me cope with the loss because I just can’t handle it on my own. I’m sending you peaceful thoughts and prayers.


  2. It’s great that people actually started going outside more during the lockdown, but it got so crowded in our usual dog walking routes…and the dogs were sad everyone had to social distance and they couldn’t socialize with their friends along the way any more.
    Lovely pictures!

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    1. We had to change our walk route to one less-used. My son just walks after most people’s bedtime, and even then, there are others out. The dogs are loving all the walks, though!

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  3. Your photos of your best beasties are great. They made me smile. As an introvert I agree that the parks are suddenly less inviting. Too many people. I’ve also found the same thing as you have: despite a world in despair our home is an oasis of calm. I appeciate it so much.

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  4. What a totetall O-A-SISS you live inn Miss Krel…wee wuud ❤ LOVE ❤ to live sumwhere so lovelee…
    HURRAH fore Nami gettin up inn Cat Tree! An Gracie lookss socute inn her box.
    Garnet an River are so beeuteefull…
    An Bailey iss alot like mee….lovelee whiskurrss an brutall clawss…..mew mew mew….
    ***purrss*** Belladharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew

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    1. Bailey doesn’t like me too much; I smell like a weird conglomeration of other cats and dogs. But she loves my son, so she has her place in our home.


        1. Bailey has been nice to me in the past when her person was gone for a couple of days and she was lonely. Otherwise, no way! I don’t blame her. I like her anyway -from afar.


  5. Everyone looks so peaceful and content! There is nothing like home. I pretty much go between home and my shop, with other occasional stops, but that’s about it! Things may get back to normal, but I’m not sure I ever will (I’m an introvert too). I could get used to this myself! 🙂

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    1. I think that there are very strong rules in our small flock but I don’t know what they are. Certainly, they feel no obligation to obey human rules. In fact, I suspect that it’s a parrot rule to defy the human rules. Am I right, Kismet?


    1. Garnet is only 50% schnauzer, but she can have 100% attitude at times. It’s great to see, because she was a broken spirit when we first adopted her years ago.

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  6. Hunkering down is so much easier with live-in critters. We are the same here. Our state has done very well and our numbers are dropping but we are still cautious. We stick to walking in our neighborhood and rarely see anyone else walking. That works for me.

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    1. We’ve had to change up our usual neighborhood walk to shift to a less busy route. There are lots of people out walking their kids (some look like forced marches) and dogs. The state parks are at capacity, even on weekdays. Colorado has always been outdoorsy and with Spring here and no where else to go, the people are results.

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      1. Our neighborhood is spread out with bit lots but I don’t know what people are doing. It’s a gorgeous place to walk about we have a local park with walking trails. They may be there but it’s much more crowded. I’m with you. I frequent the roads less traveled! 🙂

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