gray cat, grapevines

Gracie Approves

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gray cat, grapevines
As dusk falls, Gracie basks in its warmth and communes with our grapevines. She likes the raised vantage point it gives her.

As spring pushes into summer, we are all restless. Gracie has spent much of her time in our backyard. We have cat-proofing on the fences designed to keep her in the yard. Threats roam the neighborhood, both four-footed and four-wheeled, but the back yard is safe. We’ve redesigned the grape arbor this year to give the grapes more room to run above and to provide shade to the cats and dogs below. Gracie approves.

The crickets are droning, the sun is setting, and there is peace here in the garden. For me, anyway. I’m not sure that Gracie has peace on her mind.


    1. Yes, it has a special net that keeps her from going over the fence. She enjoyed being outside, as does Nami. We have tried so many solutions to allow the dogs to go out but not the cats. This is the only thing that works. The cats use the dog door and stay in the yard like the dogs. Unlike the dogs they can elevate themselves, so Gracie goes up above the dogs into her own leafy kingdom.


    1. It’s too dangerous outside the yard: foxes, coyotes, and cars await. As for Gracie, she has gotten big enough that our elder cat doesn’t smack her any more. Gracie is wise enough not to challenge her for much more than the right to my lap and the food bowl.

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  1. Why didn’t you let us see the whole arbor? I would love to see it. I think Gracie was about to stalk a bird! Favorite desert!


    1. She didn’t bring anything home if she did. We often find large moths in her food dish (dead), which cracks me up. Like she’s saving it for later in the approved place to leave food.

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