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The times, they are a-changin’. And with them, the games people play are also changing. Out with Schedule-Twister, because if it isn’t happening with hubs, it isn’t happening at all. Suddenly, our schedules are syncing easily. In with dish-drain-Jenga! All those homemade meals mean lots of pots and pans to wash, and on a rough day, getting them all to balance in the dish drain does feel a bit like Jenga. My husband’s a master, but if I add one item, I’m picking up several that fall to the floor.

cockatoo, tea
My, what’s this? An unguarded glass of iced tea!

Sugar’s games are usually ones where he gets the upper hand. He brought up his favorite game because, apparently, some things are staying the same despite all the changes. His claiming my iced tea is clearly a game of “what’s yours is mine.”

cockatoo, tea
Nom, nom, nom. Mom drinks tea all the time. If it’s good for her, it’s good for me!

Gracie and Nami have new games too. We’ve had Gracie 11 months now, and Nami wasn’t too pleased at first. She was predictively defensive and sometimes hostile. Feeding time could be tense. Early moments of shared warmth this winter gave way to “get away from me” summer.

You’re touching me!

Until yesterday, that is. I sat for just a moment in the recliner, and the cats were quick to get in my lap and pin me down. Nami claimed my lap first, and Gracie surprised us by crouching behind Nami. Eventually, she crept forward to lay next to Nami rather than behind her. So far, so good. Soon, I saw a paw inch out until it reached Nami. As a mom, I recognize this game! Nami was playing, “I’m touching you!” I was gobsmacked when Nami turned her head and smiled. It was all okay. I sat with them for a long time, wishing I had a book with me, but I enjoyed having both my katzen peacefully in my lap for a while. This was a game that I wanted to play, too.

kissing cats
Awww. How sweet! Nami likes Gracie after all.


    1. Right? Sugar was bent double; I don’t know how he was able to swallow! And double kitty love is pretty unusual – and special. They’re about to go camping with us, so I’m glad to see they are getting along, now.


    1. Nami had softened a bit toward Gracie, but I didn’t expect that little nose kiss. It was so sweet. I’m shocked that I captured it in a picture. I was aiming at the two of them so close and was shocked to discover the kiss!

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  1. Your photos of your gang are fun. I love Sugar drinking iced tea. Who knew? My husband is better a dish drainer Jenga than I am, too. Seems in the best interest of all to let him wash the dishes. 😊

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    1. My husband washes all the dishes here (I cook) and his engineering instincts build wonderful Jenna towers. As for Sugar, how can he swallow with his head upside down?


  2. Precious. Animals do have emotions. It is great that they realize that you have enough affection for both of them. They don’t have to compete. When they learn that, they like each other. People are somewhat the same way. Yes, I did see River. I think she gets lighter all the time. Love to you and the pets.

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    1. It seems that all the pets – dogs, cats, and birds – want to drink my iced tea! Sugar has even tried my hot tea this winter and approved. Luckily, it won’t harm them.

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  3. Mew me wmew Sugar yore one clevurr Birdie!!! Iced Tea ISS purrty tastey issn’t it??
    HURRAH that Nami DOES reelly like Gracie….yore foto sayss it all Miss Karel. Iss cute seein River keepin an eye on THE kitty girlss!
    Alltho LadyMew am mee live alone, shee can create a mini mountain of dishess an shee playss ‘Dish Jenga’ efurry few dayss…mee has leerned sum innterestin werdss 😉
    Wishin ALL of youss’ there a wunderfull Fursday an weekend to come…..
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((huggiess)) LadyMew too!

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    1. You have sharp eyes! I wondered if anyone would notice River on the floor watching. She’s always nearby unless she is sucking up to my husband. Oops, I mean “adoring my husband.” (I’m obviously jealous that she likes him too!)


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