Look Who Had a Make-Over!

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Shaggy dog with gold fur and black overtones.
Tribble’s hair is getting pretty heavy here. Miserable.

Tribble’s hair was getting hot and heavy, even for a Rocky Mountain winter. My husband gave her a little trim, and it’s hard to believe she’s the same dog!

A young dog is laying down She has a fuzzy gold face with a black body and gold legs. She's laying with her favorite duck doll.

She went from being gold with black undertones to black with a few gold accents. She’s happy to be able to snuggle with me during our sleep without getting too hot, and so am I. What a sweetie!

A gold and black dog sits up with her duck doll. She's looking up and away.
I’m a good girl, honest!


    1. Thanks. He started years ago with our long-haired guinea pigs, then the miniature poodle and now Tribble. Maybe a few others along the way. He has great manual dexterity; I’m a bit jealous!

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    1. We appreciated Luke’s recommendation for those ducks. I bought three for my trio and they are favorites! They have even maintained their honk through the wash, which was a nice surprise.


  1. I was just going to say Tribble is looking so sweet! My pup was supposed to get his first groomer visit to tame his wild ‘do today, but it got preempted by an ER visit which turned out ok. We have tried to groom him ourselves a couple of times, but we don’t have your hubby’s talents. I’ll have to look for a traveling groomer, that would solve half the problem, since I don’t drive. Thanks for the idea.

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  2. Is your husband a dog groomer? I couldn’t have done better….Tribble looks great. She looks so much (both groomed and ungroomed) like my sweet boy Sammy who has been gone from this earth for many years. It just makes me love her every time I see her.

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    1. My husband is an engineering manager and quite the craftsman. If it is a machine, he can operate and/or fix it. I’m all thumbs, so he handles the grooming. I handle feeding and keeping the critters happy. He refused to do the schnauzer cut, though, so I pay a mobile groomer to come to our house and trim Garnet. You obviously rock the schnauzer cut!

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    1. I miss the shaggy look, but Tribble is very happy and you can tell it have been weighing her down and making her hot. She’s free and easy for a while!


      1. They are still your highlights though. That’s certainly how I look at the odd grey strands coming through my hair since my first one in my 30’s.


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