My Week in Pictures, 02/08/21

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Nami looks pretty intense here, as usual. She has always been half-wild and never wanted to have much to do with me. The past two and a half years have been different, though. She has learned to sit in my lap and remembered how to purr! She spends a lot of time sitting with me as I work remotely. She still won’t let anyone hold her, but she seems to like me…finally. I am very pleased that she is learning how to receive love from me.

Garnet asks for a little attention!

I caught Garnet and Tribble playing tug-of-war with a toy this week! Garnet came from an abused background before we got her, and although she likes to carry the stuffies around, it was the first time I ever saw her play. It warmed my heart.

Gracie is supervising my work as I sort through my To-Be-Read stack, trying to decide what I will read next. Her mad ears make me think she disapproves.
I was so pleased watching these two sleep near each other. Maybe, after a year and a half, they are finally becoming friends.
This is what I witnessed the day after the photo above. Gracie sees the look in Nami’s eyes, hence the mad ears, and Nami attacked her a moment later. She’s a senior kitty, but still devoted to showing Gracie who’s boss! I love them both, so this kind of conflict hurts me to watch. Gracie never fights back, but she also doesn’t give up.
Tribble wants me to stop what I’m doing and give her my full attention! No problem, Tribble, you are the sweetest thing.
Sugar bathing in the cat’s water fountain.
River watches my husband work and looks a bit miffed that it isn’t time for their walk yet. Why does this work thing take so long?
Sleeping Bengal Cat
Nami has been having a rough time. Here, she’s sleeping on a heating pad and looks quite contented.

I noticed Nami wasn’t eating last week and she vomited some. The veterinarian gave her an anti-nausea injection, and she perked right up! Because she fights so much if we try to medicate her, we gave her appetite stimulant in transdermal form, which was easy and did a great job. I’d never used a transdermal on a pet before, but I liked it. You just rub it on the inside of her ear and walk away. The vet agreed with my suspicion that Nami’s has arthritis, which we haven’t treated because of her violent opposition to medication. I asked if we could get the arthritis medication as a transdermal medication. It took some research, but she found a compounding pharmacy to make it. We are thrilled! Nami likes the heating pads (she has three spread throughout the house) to alleviate some of her arthritis. We are hoping the new transdermal medication will help ease her senior years and allow her to be more active.


  1. Everyone is looking – mostly – content there! Great photos. Nami doesn’t look like a senior, she looks very healthy! I hope the medication helps. I wish transdermal had been an option with our Samantha. Getting medications into her was not a happy scene. If we ever have another cat like her, who needs meds, I will definitely be asking.

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    1. We had to get the transdermal drug compounded and mailed to us, but so worth it. She is quite the ninja when we want to do anything she disapproves of! And I know first-hand how much pain affects quality of life, so I wanted to address her arthritis.


    1. Right?? I had to get the medication compounded (made just for us at a special pharmacy), but I can’t believe that I had to make a special request to get the arthritis medication that way. She got her first dose last night, and she wasn’t yowling during the night and she wasn’t as edgy this morning. Yay! They should make ALL cat medicines this easy! Whoever figures out how to do this on a large scale should make millions.

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    1. I left a couple of the birds out that are less social. And yes, I don’t know if they are a pack, clowder, pride, or flock — we just stick with “family.” And I can’t tell any of them “no” except for Sugar. When he’s gnawing on the woodwork, he gets a lot of “NO.”

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    1. Whenever my husband and I retire, we’ll let the family dwindle to just one dog and one cat. It’s just too expensive to keep so many if we aren’t working. I am dedicated to my fur family, though, so I will keep working for quite a few more years!

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  2. Nice to see your crew, they are all adorable. I am glad that Nami is feeling better. Transdermal meds are a great invention. Too funny that Sugar likes to bathe in the cats’ fountain- and they let allow it. 🙂

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    1. Sugar has shown the cats that he has a beak and knows how to use it. They don’t mess with him! We’re just happy that he found a place to bathe that makes him happy!We are quite relieved Nami is feeling better, but we’ll know more after the ultrasound tomorrow.


  3. Thank you for telling us about trandermal meds. I will let my friend with Ella know. Ella is violently opposed to any medication. I hope it works on Naomi. It was such a pleasure to see and read a bit about each of your fur and feathered loved ones.

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    1. It is Garnet’s signature move for begging for the most part, like Kali. So if she comes to me like this at a time when I have no treats or food anywhere near, I hope she just wants me!


  4. What a lovely family you have! I had a kitty with hyperthyroidism and my compounding pharmacy made a gel that I would rub on the inside of her ears and it kept her healthy and happy until she got chronic renal failure at 16 and she passed. It’s a great way to medicate esp when they get so smart about taking meds by mouth!

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    1. I’d never heard of transdermal medication until now. I’m glad to hear that you’ve had success with it. Nami has some kidney disease, but it appears to be pretty stable for now.

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        1. Yes, we were very careful to do that with the appetite stimulant! It sounds like you have had a very good pharmacist! I was the one that had to approach the vet to find the pharmacy that would compound it.

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          1. This guy is in my area and he’s been making my compound hypothyroid meds for years because I had a bad reaction to the ones from the big companies, not sure exactly, but I’ve been fine with whatever he uses. I think more vets should think about transdermal cos poor animals HATE to take meds no matter how much you try and disguise them.

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  5. You have a wonderful fur family…all beautiful and adorable babies! Nami reminds me of a long-gone cat I used to serve. Harley had arthritis too, or at least I suspected it, because in the winter, he would always lay with one side up against the heat register. Unlike Nami, though, he would graciously accept his meds like no other cat before or since him.

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    1. Nami was so difficult when she was younger that we had to muzzle her to trim her claws. She has been a challenge in that way. If she needs an antibiotic, we get that for her in an injection, but the arthritis had stumped me until we learned of the transdermal method for meditation. I have high hopes for her! You are lucky to have had an easy one.


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