Neither Royal nor Gorgeous

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A colorful sunset highlighted two lenticular clouds that look like spinning tops. Around them, purples and oranges highlight the sky. Below them, distant dark green hills, a dried grass meadow, and a dusty campground.
These cute lenticular clouds greeted us upon arrival!

Most of the campgrounds in Colorado are closed this late in the year due to cold temperatures and frequent snow. We found one open near the Royal Gorge and decided to visit recently. We found the Royal Gorge to be neither royal nor gorgeous; perhaps it would be prettier in the spring when there was more water. Whoever built the bridge over the gorge didn’t see the need for an attractive design, and the terrain was semi-arid with pinion pine scrub and cactus. It’s well-known for white-water rafting, and I hope the view is better from the water.

Two small dogs walk shoulder to shoulder on leash. Clearly, they are best friends.
Garnet and Tribble often like to walk shoulder-to-shoulder. At least there were less cacti within the campground.

Hiking wasn’t as fun as we’d hoped; there were lots of cacti, many stickers (sorry pups), and dusty trails. It was a perfect place to focus on activities inside our camper.

A Bengal cat shows her spots as she stretches out to sleep on a cream-colored blanket. Her eyes are closed, but she's smiling.
Nami hogs half the couch and she is clearly pleased by the radiant warmth of the fireplace. Smiling in her sleep!

We kept the electric fireplace going almost all day, as it produced a mild heat to take of the chill. When we bought our camper, we were surprised at how much of a selling point the salesman made of the “fireplace.” It sounded silly and over-done to us; clearly, we didn’t get it. With the summers so hot and smokey, we have begun camping mainly in the fall, winter, and spring.

A shaggy dog and a cat on the couch next to each other. The cat sleeps, the dog watches the camera.
What are you looking at? Can’t a dog and cat sleep together? (Tribble and Nami)

Although the camper is strongly insulated and designed for all-weather use, the electric fireplace is a boon for our companion animals during cool weather. They have a comfy bed on the floor in front of the fireplace, and they vie for positions on the nearest couch.

A large standard poodle is curled up on the couch next to a small black dog in a pale blue coat.
River and Garnet get a turn closest to the fireplace. We rarely see them together like this.

I delighted in seeing the pairings that resulted from competition to get closest to the fireplace. Usually, Garnet and Tribble did everything together. Nami did nothing with anyone, but River and Gracie were friends. However, like the predators and prey peacefully drinking at the same waterhole, our regular social pairings relaxed in the camper’s confines. Not only did River and Garnet mix on the couch, but Tribble and Nami!

An apricot standard poodle lies behind a gray cat. They are both awake and alert, relaxed on the bed covers.
River and Gracie, the youngest two in our mixed pack, are friends.

Later in the bedroom, I was shocked to find Nami and Gracie cuddled up to me dangerously close to each other. Once, I even saw them touch noses in a little kitty kiss! I saw a minor conflict over dibs on the heating pad once we returned home, so that truce didn’t last, but I’m taking these successes wherever I can.

Flaming orange clouds and purple sky zoom toward the horizon.
Colorado sunset!


  1. Bummer the Gorge wasn’t very picturesque. At the least the sunsets were glorious. Sadly the whole bloody state is dusty and brown. We are in desperate need for more than just the mere 27 flakes of snow earlier this week. I’m getting really nervous about the drought and lack of snow.

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  2. HURRAH fore such beeuteefull Peece within yore furamillee Miss Karel…
    Garnet iss so purrty. An look at Tribbell an Nami snoozin twogether! WOWSERSS!!! River iss lookin gorgeeuss as efurr as iss Gracie girl.
    An Nami yore adoorabell s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d out on sofa 😉
    Wishin youss’ a wudnerfull weekend.
    ***nose rubss*** BellaDahrma an {{{huggiess}}} BellaSita Mum

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    1. It warmed my heart, to see them getting along. Nami is normally pretty defensive, good with hiss and claw, yet warmed by the heat, she allowed Tribble to lay beside her. Awwww.


  3. Colorado does have gorgeous sunsets. I saw some great ones in Nebraska as well. Yours today made me think of how much I enjoyed going to the corral at the end of the day while looking at a beautiful desert sunset from the back of my horse after a few hours of checking cattle in the pasture. I know my horse enjoyed those moments in time as much as I did.

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    1. I think all living things appreciate beauty, so long as they are safe for the moment. I have no doubt your horse appreciated them as much as you did.


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