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I wanted to share something with a bit of a Halloween theme with you. It happened a few years ago when my son was attending a charter school a town or two over. He had an event after school, and I picked him up to bring him home around dusk. I drove us down a state highway, and after we passed through an intersection, we both spotted a dog beside the road and were concerned. The road was well-traveled, and people generally drove fast through there. We feared for the dog’s safety.

A reddish-gold dog, medium build, seeing just the face and neck. The ear is relaxed but slightly back.
We don’t have a picture of the dog, for obvious reasons. But here is a fine representative, my daughter’s dog.

The dog was standing beside a small park tucked away beside the highway, and I quickly turned in. I had focused on my driving, but I had a general idea of the dog’s appearance. It was a golden retriever, so it was reasonably large. I parked, and we jumped out of the car but didn’t see the dog beside the highway anymore. We looked around the park, which was very still and quiet. The highway noise was gone. We walked around the area, but there was no sense of a presence, and we didn’t hear or see a dog. Nothing stirred, not even the leaves on the large cottonwood trees. There was no dog.

A medium-large hound, reddish-brown,  standing erect and alert, looking into the distance.
Again, my daughter’s sweet dog, Allie.

As we compared experiences, my son said that he had seen the entire dog very clearly. I admitted that I had seen the torso and head, but I can’t say that I saw his legs. I was distracted by driving, right? We looked at each other, and at that moment, we knew. There was no dog.

There was only the ghost of a dog, likely at the place where he died.

Never assume that ghosts are always people.

Red miniature poodle on a leash, standing on rocky ground.
I don’t see my dearly departed dog Jazz as a ghost, but he frequently visits me in my dreams. I am always overjoyed to see him


  1. We love that you see them in your dreams, we sometimes see our Angel and doggie when they have a message for us. The doggie you saw wanted to be seen by you, how wonderful✨ We also want to Thank you for your Birthday wishes for Me and My Granny, they warmed our heart and brightened up our day💗 Extra Pawkisses for you🐾😽💞

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  2. Really nice you stopped by to check on the phantom dog. I feel terrible when I see strays. Keep forgetting to carry cat food when I go for walks. Think the stray population grew in lockdown or come to think of it, I spent a lot more time locally.

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    1. Strays are a real conflict for me. I once took home a stray cat dumped at a hotel I stayed at. I checked with the hotel staff and heard it had been dumped. It was sick and hurt – and I took it home. We nursed it back to health but couldn’t battle the feline leukemia. He died a few years later and I still miss him. He was a wonderful cat.

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      1. Aw, you’re a special person, we need more people like you! Can’t believe how many people abandoned their pets in high kill shelters and on the streets. I always knew but didn’t realize how bad until I started volunteering w a cat group

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  3. Mee-yow Miss Karel what a furry inntriguin story! BellaSita seess peepell an 4 leggedss two! An mee can ‘see’ ‘angelss’ Unkell Siddhartha Henry an Aunty’ss NYLABLUE an Mingflower an even her Boyfrend Monty!
    Wee think spirit Poochie was there beecause hee mew you both wuud see him/her!
    An Jazz vissitss inn dreemss…so due all mee relativess two 😉
    ***purrss*** BellaDharma an ((hugs)) BellaSita

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    1. We may never know why the dog revealed him/herself to us, but it took a lot of energy to look so real. Such bright beings are often caretakers of a place dear to them.🤷🏻‍♀️

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          1. Mee thinkss so two Miss Karel….
            Sum nitess ‘angel’ Unkell Siddhartha iss sittin on back of THE Cahir…both BellaSita an mee can see him! Wee meow to him an wee can hear a meow back….then hee sorta dissappeerss an wee feel hppy so wee figure hee two iss happy! 😉

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    1. That’s interesting. I have had a couple of dreams where several pets who have passed have come to visit at once, even if they had never lived together, but they don’t interact with each other very much and don’t at all with our living pets. Your dreams sound uniquely and touching! It always feels good to see them and hold them again.

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  4. Animals can appear as spirits which raises some interesting theological questions. I definitely saw our spaniel Buddy sitting on the lawn at the corner of the house long after she had died. Sadly, I have seen our loved cat which we had for 18 and half years. But, in the apartment where I live now, I did see the spirit of a black cat one evening. It jumped out of an easy chair and walked toward the balcony doors where it just vanished. Someone who lived here before me must have had a black cat. She is welcome to stay here as long as desires. The heart never gives up those loved companions.

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  5. Chaplin: “Our Dada says he dreams about Dennis and the others coming back to visit us sometimes.”
    Charlee: “He says it’s always nice to see them, even if they’re not there when he wakes up in the morning.”
    Lulu: “Happy Halloween!”

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  6. My husband and I were just talking about our kitty, she passed a few years ago. We often ‘see’ her out of the corner of our eye. We ‘hear’ her eating, and walking around. We ‘see’ her sitting in her spot on the stairs. She was with us for 16 years and when she died, we were devastated, bawled our eyes out, and are still sad. Peopled say, ‘it’s just a cat, get another one.’ I just can’t yet. Angelica Crobopple was too fantastic of a kitty to ever be replaced.

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  7. Wow, how interesting his ghost appeared for you both! Makes you wonder what was trying to be communicated. Once in a while, I swear I see Sam lying in his bed out of the corner of my eye. I love it when his presence manifests itself but always shed a tear realizing he’s gone. Have a safe but happy “Howl-oween.” 🎃

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