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It’s hard to believe that autumn has arrived, but the usual signs are here. The garden is done, and the trees have changed colors, first in the mountains and now even where I live at a lower altitude.

A bouquet of fresh basil fill a vase, with stems cascading on the table. You can almost smell it!
Here’s the last of the basil, cut before our first hard freeze.

The last of the basil, cut before a hard freeze.

Serious black dog with a moustache lays in the grass beside the garden.
Garnet can take some time off from garden supervision.

Our first freeze has come and gone, and I’m looking forward to our first snow, typically before or on Halloween. For me, fall is a time to institute new plans, set new goals, and start new endeavors. Winter is usually introspective: sowing seeds for the future and expanding my perspective. I always like a book that gives me food for thought, and winter is a good time for reading. The cats enjoy the lap, and I’ll exchange my iced tea for hot. Soon.

A cat is silhouetted  in a window with gold and red trees in the background. Houseplants fill the foreground.
You can see the neighbor’s trees beginning to change colors behind Gracie in this photo I took a few weeks ago . They were fully ablaze this last week – gorgeous!

This fall, I started a meditation circle with three other people, which quickly grew to five, plus me. They are where I was about 20 years ago before I began meditating. Through meditation, I let go of much of what I was not and have been able to find what I am. I thought I could share my many years of meditation practices with them – easy peasy! But no. I had a teacher and a community of like-minded individuals helping me. But my teacher passed away, and I feel a bit adrift and inadequate for the job.

A stack of meditation books lay on a wood table.
I hope to learn a few things to teach my friends!

So, enter the books. My hefty TBR pile grew bigger as I’ve collected some books on meditation to help me help them. I remember what I was like back then, checking out, not wanting to feel my body because it always hurt. But that isn’t the way to find peace of mind; I had to become resident in my body first. That took some time and determination to move from absent to present in my body; I just have to remember how the trip went. I hope these books will help me guide them back to this basic state. And of course, I’m learning new things for myself too – a win/win.

If I’m going to read, I’ll need more tea.

I am looking forward to our first big snow to announce winter’s arrival. During the summer, the sun pushes us to go-go-go! But a lot of my go has gone, and I need something a little less busy. During the winter, I give myself permission to read, meditate even more, stay home (not a problem during the pandemic – LOL), and go within. The new concepts and ideas that I read about this winter will percolate all spring and summer until I’m ready to start something new in the fall.

A stack of books, ready to be read, laying on a wooden table.
This is a short stack of what I hope to read in the next few weeks. Sometimes it goes slowly: read, think, read, think. Those are the best books.


  1. It is Autumn op here in The Sound & we are enjoying cooler temps & not so blazing warm Sunshine! Watching the Geese practice their flying skills. Watching Mimi & Macey Squirrelss & ChewyTwo & Chip-It Chipmunks collect seeds & peanuts is very soothing……
    Just being outside on patio with BellaDharma is lovely……
    (((hugs))) BellaSita (Sherri-Ellen) & **purrss** BellaDharma

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  2. You sound like my husband. He meditates every day as soon as he gets up and before supper. I’m glad you’ve found something that centers you and helps you get in touch with the inner you. Enjoy this pretty fall weather.

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