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Archangel Michael Statue, Catholic Archdiocese of Denver

Not Afraid of Hard Work

I planted some big seeds in the early spring, personally and professionally, physically and metaphorically. It’s high summer now, and my garden is getting big. Flowers are blooming, plants growing, and vegetables are ripening.  They’re doing fine with lots of water and sunshine. My personal and professional lives […]

taro fields, Kauaii Hawaii

What a concept!

Give it to me BIG! I really, really need the big picture first. I’m a conceptual thinker and mistakenly think that everyone is this way, when only about 1/4th the population is this way. I took a class recently with an instructor that was decidedly NOT a big […]

Earth, seen from space

Through Heaven’s Eyes

I think that I often forget to view my life from a higher perspective. I get embroiled in the day-to-day details of my job, home, and relationships and forget what is really important in those daily exchanges. When I find myself over-focusing and fretful, I have to find […]