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Crestone, Colorado, Sangre de Christo mountains

Waiting for the Clean Sweep

Fall is into full swing here; we’ve had three snows (the last one 2 inches deep) and nights are getting cold, 20 degrees (Fahrenhight) on a regular basis. But the snows melt pretty quickly ,and it gets warm still, during the day. Why am I obsessed with the […]

Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii, taro fields

A Matter of Perspective

My business trip last week resulted in four airplane flights, and I had lots to think about as I flew over the landscape. Nothing looks the same as it does from the ground, of course. The wildfire looked new and small, even if it wasn’t so small to […]

prayer bundles, Medicine Wheel

Gratitude and the Spirit of Giving

I know a woman who’s a traditionalist. She used to give her grandchildren gifts. If she didn’t get a written thank-you note, she gave less of a gift the next year. If she still didn’t get a thank-you note, she stopped giving. She tells me how she’s teaching […]

spiral petroglyph, rock carving, V-V ranch, Arizona

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Last year, I planted my first garden in many, many years. I let it grow a little wild, to see how it would develop with minimal intervention. I enjoyed it, but we had more foliage than vegetables, so I know I need to add something different to the […]

taro fields, Kauaii Hawaii

What a concept!

Give it to me BIG! I really, really need the big picture first. I’m a conceptual thinker and mistakenly think that everyone is this way, when only about 1/4th the population is this way. I took a class recently with an instructor that was decidedly NOT a big […]

Koi, water lily pond

Guppy among Goldfish

I dreamed of fish. There was a large aquarium full of blunt, common, plain goldfish, all the same color. Swimming amongst them was one fan-tailed guppy that was the same color. At first glance, it looked just the same as all the other fish, but it moved differently, […]


Dropping the Cloak of Invisibility

My family jokes with me about my “Cloak of Invisibility.” I’m often the type of person that isn’t seen or remembered. By that, I mean that I am not memorable. When my husband and I went places, people would always remember him, but forget I was even there. […]

Earth, seen from space

Through Heaven’s Eyes

I think that I often forget to view my life from a higher perspective. I get embroiled in the day-to-day details of my job, home, and relationships and forget what is really important in those daily exchanges. When I find myself over-focusing and fretful, I have to find […]