Chihuly glass sculpture, floating glass orbs, water lilies, Denver Botanical Garden

An Awkward Moment

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One of the central pieces in the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens
One of the central pieces in the Chihuly exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens
More Chihuly glasswork in the zen garden.
More Chihuly glasswork in the zen garden.

It was an awkward moment. My husband and I were on the way to the Chihuly exhibit at the botanical gardens and stopped off for lunch nearby. It was a snooty part of town and we were a bit under-dressed for the restaurant. The waitress came over and poured water in our glasses while speaking to us with a posh British accent.

I couldn’t help it. She was looking at and speaking to my husband while the thought ran through my mind: “Just stop it with the fake accent, already.”

The waitress’ head whipped around and she glared at me – as if she had heard it. In fact, after a flustered moment, she dropped the accent and began to speak to us as if we were real people.

Her immediate reaction was unexpected, to say the least. I checked with my husband and confirmed that I hadn’t spoken my thought out loud. I have to admit, she was a great waitress. Whenever I wanted something, I only hand to think about it and push the thought gently to her. I saw her stop in mid-stride and without looking our way, return to the workstation and scoop up what we needed. It was actually pretty cool to watch. I bet she makes great tips this way. Does she know that these are my thoughts sent to her? Does she somehow think they’re hers? I really wanted to ask, but was a bit embarrassed. After all, this doesn’t happen every day.

My children do this to me rather frequently. Invariably if I say I want to go somewhere in the evening, one of them will say he/she had been thinking about going there all day. It usually feels like my thought, and I don’t know if they are intentionally sending their thoughts to me or if I’m just picking up whatever thoughts they are sending to the universe. It’s a bit of a joke at home, but I’ve never had it work so effectively with a stranger.

If you have similar stories, please share them in the comments! I’d love to hear them.

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  1. LOL! Love this so much! I’ve had multiple synchronous events, and I wrote about a couple of them but there are many more. With strangers and often with people I know too. I used to have some colleagues somehow always pick the same color to wear that I was wearing. If I changed my mind in the morning, surely they were wearing the same color. It was often the same two people plus me – sometimes others as well. It’s hilarious. Either I picked up their thoughts, or they mine. Perhaps, ha, the latter – because I was one person, and they were several? 🙂

    Here are my two synchronous events – I thought about writing the others too but somehow hesitate because – lol – people might not even believe me. You just inspired me to perhaps write about the other ones as well. They are just purely positive and fun.

    It’s long, so in a nutshell – I thought one day, “I wonder what Sting is doing today and if he is in the US, would be fun to see him in manhattan” – and surely I did – and we had eye contact for the minute or so passing by each other. There’s a whole string of synchronous events with him and I talk about the string in this post.


    Met this guy once, thought of him some years later – that it’s a shame I never kept in contact, and surely – ha – he called me the very next day.

    It’s like we can call people telepathically, or they call us. Mine often have been events where I think “it would be nice if” – and then that exact thing happensin no time. I also run into the same total strangers one day apart in very different locations of NYC (five different boroughs) without any good explanation. I see them twice in my life – within 24-48 hours. It’s a pattern I’m so used to, I no longer do anything but smile a bit when it happens.

    Whoops, long comment. Anyhow, this was a fun read! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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      1. 🙂 One of the reoccurring things (and am sure so many others have these) is the certain repeating number sequences and one of them is the always returning “eleven after”. Your comment is appropriately at 6:11. 😉

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  2. This was an awesome story! I’ve done things like this a few times, mostly with my son and hub, but once we were all hiking in the desert and my DIL said, “Guess who I’m going to be seeing next week?” And before I tell you my response which came out of NOWHERE, you have to know there was no context, no talking about anything relative to what I plucked out of her brain, in fact, her response to stuff like this (which happens frequently with us) is “Pluck!” Which she says in her real Brit accent (she’s from UK) So, we were just walking along this dusty trail, chatting about nothing, really, when she turned to me and asked that question. I had a momentary-split second- and before i could even form a thought- I spit out, “Joan Baez” and it’s true, she was going to a Joan Baez concert the following week, but I had NO IDEA. Everyone went silent for a while, probably figuring out I could read their minds too. It happens like that. I just spit it out and it freaks everyone out. I have dreams sometimes too, like a long time ago, I dreamt my son had broken his glasses and couldn’t see and the next day I emailed him frantically to ask if he was OK and when he called (he was in UK at the time) he told me he had broken his glasses and didn’t have a spare pair with him. Long comment, sorry!

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  3. I enjoyed those pictures tremendously. I will save this blog just so I can save the pictures. That boat load of glass balls inspired the quilt that won the grand prize at the International Quilt Show in Houston last year. The lady who made the quilt saw that exhibit in Dallas. It represented a new theme and wonderful execution of skills so the award was well worth it. I understand that award comes with $10,000.

    Your experience had to have been fun. I try to keep my mind closed to “outsiders”. It is just part of my privacy side, I suppose. Sometimes it is difficult to tell when I am reading someone’s mind or their body language. It can be a two edged sword.

    Keep up the great photography.



    1. That’s what made this encounter so unusual. No non-verbal cues, etc. I experimented a bit during the meal and only got a response when I gave my thought a bit of a push. How fun!


  4. That’s such an interesting story! Some people do seem to be quite “intuitive”, but then there are those rare few like that waitress who seem to have something even stronger. My daughter and I only have to glance at each other or make a small sound and the other always knows what it means, but that’s because we’re so close and know each other exceptionally well. I’ll be interested to see if anyone else has had an experience like yours.


  5. I had a girl friend in high school and we always seemed to know what the other was thinking. We could just raise an eyebrow or give a little nudge and then act accordingly. But I am sure it was just because we were both goofy. 🙂


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