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Happy Cats!

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bengal cat, big eyes,
Nami, about to pounce on the wand toy I’m waving. Beautiful eyes!

I’ve felt unwell for several weeks, struggling to work full-time, manage my business, and deal with the family and holidays. I’ve been so tired that I can barely function some days. So, I look to my pets to cheer me up and see the wonder in the season.

Bengal Cat, Stinker catnip
Nami takes her Stinker catnip toy to the bathtub for all her play. It’s a cunning choice to keep her prey where it could not escape!

Nami has been resistant to Gracie’s addition to the family, but she is not a vicious cat. There were a few skirmishes, nothing much, but the tension was palatable. It has been a relief to find signs of acceptance.

gray cat
Curious Gracie

I’ve been concerned that shy little Gracie would be too scared to stand her ground, but she has been growing in confidence over the past few months. Nami will hiss or growl at her, maybe even swat her, and Gracie will wait for her to blow over, then shrug it off. You can practically see her roll her eyes, thinking, “Whatever!” Then she would continue doing as she pleased. I was so proud of her to see her shift from shy to confident and accepting her place in the family.

Gray cat
Gracie is so sweet, cuddling near me wherever I go upstairs.

Every week we see a little progress. Now, we see our kitties napping in the same sunbeam, several feet away from each other. They both sleep in the bed with us, no longer fighting about it. We are finding peace in our household among the cats. The season is moving on and eventually, I will bounce back.

begal cat
Nami took the first nap on the new dog bed! She is claiming it as senior pet in the house. I guess we’ll have to get another one for the dogs!


  1. I love the picture and thought of Nami taking her catnip “prey” into the tub where it cannot escape. Smart kittie! Looking at that dog bed she has claimed, I can’t blame her. Again, smairt kittie! Glad there are signs of progress between the two. Please give them both a scritch from me, as I can’t have a cat anymore.

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    1. My husband and I are both operatic to cats, but couldn’t figure out how to live without them! We have time instead of carpet and take our antihistamines. We’re suckers for a good purr.

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  2. I’m sorry you’re not well. Winter is hard on my Fibromyalgia, too. Like you, I feel privileged to have Penny looking after me. I think she missed me a little after the two weeks I spent in bed with her after my surgery! She’s always been an affectionate cat, but more now since then. Get well soon.

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    1. I bought the catnip toys for Gracie, but Nami attacked us when we took the stinkers out of their metal box. She wanted them without a doubt. One stays in her killing field (bathtub) that I must move in order to take a bath. She will not let me move it, and Gracie dropped it into the bath with me the last time, so it has permanent residence in the empty tub. They love to play where the toy cannot escape and the dogs don’t get in the way.

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    1. Thank you! The transition has been slow with lots of reinforcement for both cats. It helped that Gracie did not try to take over the house; she accepted Nami’s queen position. It has taken a while, but things are working out!

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