sunrise, Kauai, ocean

Get Over It

Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to just get over it. You know what I mean. Someone suffers the devastating loss of a loved one – a parent, partner, or child. His friends give him a decent amount of time and then start telling him to […]

cactus blossoms

So What is It, Really?

I talk a lot about compassion in this space, but what is it, really? Many people think of it as something akin to sympathy, but I disagree. Sympathetic compassion stinks of “I’m better than you and your life sucks. You poor pitiful thing.” There is such a feeling […]

offering, Place of Refuge, Hawaii

Where’s the Right Tool for the Job?

Having the right tool for the job is critical. In my home office, you’ll find a large variety of pens, so that I’ll have the perfect color and substance of ink to write what needs to be said. I’ll often change color ink to demonstrate the different times […]

Colorado, mountain, sunset

Watching or Doing?

I have lots of creative ideas, but never had the eye-hand coordination or talent to be an artist. I always wanted to create beautiful visual images, but the execution always fell short of the ideal. I received my first camera when I was in grade school and my […]

Sedona, New Mexico

Sense of Place

When I snap a photograph, I often feel a little sad that the picture can’t show the sense of place. There can be a powerful emotional feeling that is inherent to some physical places, and the photo just can’t do it justice. The eye sees what is physically […]

Columns, cheesman park, Denver

Love as a Verb

I recently read a post by Thoughts on Theatre (Fear of Love) about people having to work at love. She talks about how it takes practice, study, perhaps some element of fearlessness and skill. You have to be willing, unafraid of it. I won’t argue, but I don’t […]