white and pink blossom, Allerton Gardens, Kauai, Hawaii

Yes! No! Balance it Out

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions; I resolve to make changes in my life when I find they’re needed, not just when the calendar changes. There are commitments I’ve made to myself that I want to reinforce today, and I’ll do that. I’m won’t bore you with […]

reader appreciation award

2-4-6-8 Who do we appreciate?

If you’ve visited Mix & Match Meme, you’ve discovered an eclectic mix of songs, poems, and illustrations that are delightfully varied. I like a lot of variety in my reading material, and I can always count on Meme to provide me something new. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes serious, […]

Colorado mountains, snowy mountains

Struggling with the Holidays

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. It has sometimes been lonely, always a financial burden, and occasionally emotionally hurtful. The best Christmas of my life was in 1997, as I anticipated the birth of my third daughter. It is now the yardstick by which all other Christmases […]

Snowy mountain, Colorado

Meet my new friend: Resilience

What is strength? For those who have been hurt in the past, strength means invulnerability. It means being impervious to harm, protected and safe.  Physical safety is important, particularly for those who have been unsafe in the past. But emotional safety? It’s another word for isolation. I have […]

Crestone, Colorado, Sangre de Christo mountains

Waiting for the Clean Sweep

Fall is into full swing here; we’ve had three snows (the last one 2 inches deep) and nights are getting cold, 20 degrees (Fahrenhight) on a regular basis. But the snows melt pretty quickly ,and it gets warm still, during the day. Why am I obsessed with the […]

super sweet award

One Good Deed Deserves Another

I have been gifted several awards, and would love to thank and acknowledge the bright and beautiful bloggers who have presented them to me. Sometimes, they come at a time that I am absolutely too slammed to acknowledge right away, and I wait before I pass them on. […]

snow, maple leaves

Turn, Turn, Turn

The seasons are changing. Bye-bye heat wave; hello cool weather and changing leaves. We had our first snow a couple of days ago and a hard freeze for two nights. Last year, I was out-of-town when this happened. I left with a beautiful, vibrant garden (see “Work in […]

Standard Red Poodle, dog

Farewell, Ember

All of our fur and feather family members have a story about how they joined our family. Some were Craig’s list rejects or rescue society guests before coming to our home. Ember was different. We all felt strangely compelled to visit a gentlemen’s farm a couple of miles […]

Silky Terrier, dog

Adoration and Meditation

I start my day feeling loved.  I’d like to say that this comes from some wonderful, spiritual experience or that my husband is passionately affectionate before he leaves for work (as if I’m up for that, so early). It’s much simpler. I’ll explain the fun part in a […]