Rocky shore, beach, Oregon coast

Bridging Two Worlds

I feel as if I have each of my feet in different lands. As if I straddle a gently flowing stream, I stand with each foot on either side in decidedly dissimilar terrain. I’ve been doing this happily for quite a while. Although I look like I stand […]

redwood tree, mossy tree, branches, Redwood National Forest

Enabling our Dreams

What are your dreams and aspirations? What do you long for in your life? What do you do to make it happen? I have a few visions which I’m daring to dream, with clear actions that I’m taking to make them happen. What still surprises me after all […]

Being Cactus

Speaking truly from the heart can be frightening. What if the listener doesn’t understand? What if he/she doesn’t feel the depth or breadth of what we are trying to say? What if the listener is uninterested, and you feel like you’re casting pearls before swine? What if the […]

Long-earred owl

Thank you

To all of you that I’ve met during my blogging experience, I just want to say thank you. You have enriched my life and expanded my horizons. This month, I received my 1000th “Like,” which may not be much to some, but since I only blog a few […]

Colorado, golden aspens, Golden Gate State Park

Change in Perspective

My dog and I recently spent the afternoon at a local state park. As I took pictures of the trees, a lesson in perspective again asserted itself. All I had to do was move a few feet one way or the other to snap a dramatically different photo. […]

milky way, stars, NASA photo

The Final Frontier

There are many ways to slice and dice people into different groups. I happened to see a television show today which characterized the world in different terms: those who believe in UFOs and aliens, and those who don’t. The ones that don’t believe in UFOs look like they […]