sunrise, ocean, Kauai

Courage in Action

Sometimes, we have to be courageous in ways that we’d rather not. You know, like telling someone who is far more trouble than they’re worth that you don’t have time for their friendship. It’s hard, but so is enduring their time suckage. I’m sure you know what I […]

Abyssinian cat

Death of My Friend

I was abandoned by my best friend two days ago, when he allowed himself to die. I find it difficult to forgive him for leaving me when I’m not ready to let him go. In Honey and Salt by Carl Sandburg, he speaks of love: “Bidden or unbidden? […]

Koi, water lily pond

Guppy among Goldfish

I dreamed of fish. There was a large aquarium full of blunt, common, plain goldfish, all the same color. Swimming amongst them was one fan-tailed guppy that was the same color. At first glance, it looked just the same as all the other fish, but it moved differently, […]

Journey to the Soul

Have you ever contemplated the cusps in your life? You know, those points when everything changes. A sailor calls it a “sea change.” Christians might say “born again.” I was once at a seminar where we were urged to draw our lives and then discuss our pictures in […]

Auffenpinscher/Schnauzer mix, black dog, puppies

Heart-to-Heart Resuscitation

My schnauzer-mix, Garnet, is troubled. She had a neglected and painful past before coming to my home a year-and-a-half ago. She was knocked up, despondent, and didn’t know what to do. She wasn’t leash trained in any way, shape, or form, and got very car sick from anxiety. […]

Silkey terrier, dog

Open Doors to High Adventure

My terrier taught me something today. I’ve got lots of pets, but this guy isn’t mellow like the cats or suspicious like my parrots. He’s fearless. Typical terrier, he doesn’t come when he’s called. If he’s out of the house or yard, he’s pretty hard to catch. Until […]


Dropping the Cloak of Invisibility

My family jokes with me about my “Cloak of Invisibility.” I’m often the type of person that isn’t seen or remembered. By that, I mean that I am not memorable. When my husband and I went places, people would always remember him, but forget I was even there. […]

flying booby, Napoli coast

Bring it on!

I feel pretty happy today, with no apparent reason. But deep down, I think I know why. First of all, I’m taking a risk. Yes, professionally, I am trained to not take risks. Culturally, I’ve been trained to think that risk equals the pain of failure. Sure, Steve […]