Silkey terrier, dog

Open Doors to High Adventure

My terrier taught me something today. I’ve got lots of pets, but this guy isn’t mellow like the cats or suspicious like my parrots. He’s fearless. Typical terrier, he doesn’t come when he’s called. If he’s out of the house or yard, he’s pretty hard to catch. Until […]


Dropping the Cloak of Invisibility

My family jokes with me about my “Cloak of Invisibility.” I’m often the type of person that isn’t seen or remembered. By that, I mean that I am not memorable. When my husband and I went places, people would always remember him, but forget I was even there. […]

flying booby, Napoli coast

Bring it on!

I feel pretty happy today, with no apparent reason. But deep down, I think I know why. First of all, I’m taking a risk. Yes, professionally, I am trained to not take risks. Culturally, I’ve been trained to think that risk equals the pain of failure. Sure, Steve […]

mastiff, dog

Snow Day

Due to blizzard warnings and a torrent of snow, we had a “snow day” last week. Yes, children and parents together united in fun over the forced incarceration at home. One person, whose relationship will remain nameless, nonetheless went to work. We attribute that to the fact that […]

Earth, seen from space

Through Heaven’s Eyes

I think that I often forget to view my life from a higher perspective. I get embroiled in the day-to-day details of my job, home, and relationships and forget what is really important in those daily exchanges. When I find myself over-focusing and fretful, I have to find […]

plum blossoms

The Hidden Cost of Gossip

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the people in my life that I don’t want to spend time with. Usually, I just think “not right now” and move on. But I’ve been giving this more time lately because I’ve had a brush with a well-known gossip in […]